Scabs and Sores on the Scalp: What are the Causes?




Sore on the scalp region is very painful. What are the exact reasons for this to happen in the first place? What causes sores on scalp? Found below are the reasons why sores start appearing on your scalp:

1.Contact dermatitis :

This occurs when the skin reacts in a sensitive fashion, when touched on the scalp, and can lead to oozing sores. Shampoo or other hair products and even a poison leaf could be the reason.


They are lumps and smooth to touch, and are very slow in growth. They hardly hurt, and if pressed forcefully, they break, releasing a liquid that has an unbearable smell. They generally disappear after a period, but when they do not, steroid shots are advisable. 


Antibodies such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses occupy your hair follicle and lead you into an infection. It is small in size and may have a white head too. It generally goes off without leaving a trace, but one is advised to keep that area clean. 


Lice are such tiny bugs that are almost invisible to the naked eye. They make you very itchy. This continuos scratching of the scalp leads to sores on it. Moreover, they lay eggs too at the tip of your hair, which also joins the bigger ones later. There are special shampoos like Zincplex shampoos, which eradicate it. 


5.Scalp Ringworm:

When we say Ringworm, it is not a physical description of a worm. Instead, it’s a fungus, which affects various parts of the body and would be called by some other name. The primary disaster it is likely to create, is the loss of hair and itchy skin. Kerion is a puss-filled sore, that is painful to endure when it is resident on your scalp. The larger proportion affected is the children compared to the adults. Oral medication is the best form of treatment compared to external ointments.

6.Scalp Psoriasis:

Psoriasis affects the whole human body, generally. But it is mostly found to affect the scalp region apart from the elbow and knee joints. It tempts itching and bleeds when done so. This requires a doctor’s help, as there are various forms of treatment. This is one of the reasons what causes sores on scalp.

7.Skin cancer:

Melanoma, a skin cancer, has a chance of affecting the scalp too. This occurs mostly because of prolonged exposure to the sun. The head and neck are generally affected also.