Everything you Need to Know about Breast Implants


Breast surgery is one of the most in demand among women. Patients under 35 years of age are those who most seek to enhance their figure by highlighting the bust area. For this reason, at they will tell you everything you need to know about “Breast Implants in Los Angeles

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast surgery is nothing new. There are records from the late nineteenth century where the use is evident from adipose tissue, from other parts of the patient’s body, to incredible substances such as glass balls, cartilage, foam sponge, polyethylene, special rubber for soles, among others.

Breast augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation surgery is what is known as the implantation of breast prostheses or fat grafting in this area of ​​the body, breast surgery encompasses other interventions such as breast reduction or lifting. This surgical intervention is done in order to modify the size of the breasts, improve their shape and texture. So, it is important to note that, according to the needs of the patient, it will be the type of surgery that will be performed.

Augmentation Mammoplasty

It is the breast surgery most demanded by women. Generally, this operation is performed for three reasons: To equalize the size of the breasts, to rebuild the breast or to increase its voluptuousness after pregnancy. Other reasons are flaccidity due to age and loss of body weight.

Reduction Mammoplasty

It is the second most frequent breast surgery. The reasons why they want to decrease the volume of their breasts may be due to self-esteem or health. There are women who are self-conscious about the “excessive” natural size of their breasts. While others prefer to have this operation because they cannot bear the back and shoulder pain that these generate.

Mastopexy or Breast Lift

Over the years, pregnancy and breastfeeding leave their marks on a woman’s breasts. We notice how these falls, losing their shape and firmness. For simple cases, where the breast still maintains its shape, simply what you have to do is a breast lift. This will be enough for the patient to have her breasts as before.

Nipple Correction

This type of surgery is done when the nipple ducts are short. This often complexes women and makes it difficult for them to breastfeed.

What you should know About Breast Augmentation

Age at which it is Advisable to do a Breast Operation

Cosmetic surgery specialists agree on two requirements for breast surgery: the first is that the patient has completed her stage of development, which is estimated to vary between 15, 18 and 21 years. How to know that this cycle has been closed? When the person has not experienced any physical change in the last two years.

On the other hand, the patient must be psychologically prepared to assume responsibility for the operation, and above all, for the post-operative.

Know the Implant that will be Placed

Although it is certainly the specialist who will indicate the type of prosthesis that will be placed, you must be an active part of this decision. You must be aware of which breast implant they will put on you, what is its shape, texture, type of gel and why choose that and not another.

Generally speaking, don’t go for the price since the low-cost ones are usually of lower quality. In this case, the price is linked to the quality of the prosthesis. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that although they do not have an expiration date, it is common to have to replace the implants after years if they suffer wear or breakage. Everything will depend on the shape of the implant; if it is a round one of cohesive gel type I and II, the validity time must be determined. On the other hand, if it is type III, the annual check-up will be enough to assess its status.

Who is Recommended not to have Augmentation Mammoplasty?

Mammoplasty is a surgical intervention that transforms the physical aspect and affects the psyche of the person who performs it. This is an operation that should not be taken lightly. Taking this into account, mammoplasty is not recommended in people:

With mental imbalance: People who want to change their physical appearance believing that this will improve their self-esteem. They could suffer from mental illnesses such as dysmorphia, depression, eating disorders, among others. In these cases, the surgeon will refer the patient to a psychotherapist to determine the person’s psychological state.

What they want to satisfy others: The couple has asked her to increase her breasts, other women have criticized her for the size of her breasts. The patient should seriously consider whether he really wants to have this operation.

That exceed the advisable age range: As we saw in previous paragraphs, it is not recommended to do mammoplasty in women who have not completed development and although there is no upper limit to perform breast augmentation from the age of 60, each case should be studied individually.

How to Choose the Surgeon?

The specialist to whom you will entrust your body transformation must be able to: Approve or not your choice to operate. It should inspire confidence in answering all your concerns. Even more important is to verify that you are going to a true expert and not that you are being the victim of professional intrusion.

To check that you are in reliable hands you can consult the website “” of the Breast Implants in Los Angeles, since to be registered here it is mandatory to be titled in Los Angeles.

This is part of what you should know about breast augmentation. If you have any questions or want the guidance of a plastic surgeon, you can make an appointment now.