Effectiveness of Water Filtration and Having Back up Berkey Replacement Filters


A home water filtration system takes tap water and removes impurities such as chlorine, copper, mercury, and zinc. Today, there are several water filtration systems such as alkaline water ionizers, UV filters, infrared filters, activated carbon filters and reverse osmosis filters. Using a home water filtration system may be a worthy investment with the inclusion of the Berkey replacement filters to extend its lifespan and maximize your budget.

Many households opt to purchase pitcher water filters or granulated activated charcoal containers to store water and remove contaminants as simple solutions. As a safety reminder, once active carbon clogs in the container, it becomes ineffective in purifying the water and needs immediate filter replacement. How will you know when your home water filtration systems need replacement?

Effectiveness of Home Water Filtration Systems

Several home water filtration system companies cannot sell in several U.S. states due to conflicting licensing claims. Some water filter companies assert that licensing fees deter them from selling their filtration systems to consumers, but there are several reports that some companies allegedly refuse to provide proof of the effectiveness of their water filtration systems. Some home water filtration systems declared that their equipment could remove 95% of the harmful metal particles and 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria, but how true are these statements?

Generally, home water filtration systems last for several years and can go through several cycles before the filter needs replacement. There are several factors considered before changing the filter. On average, the home water filtration system can go through several gallons of water, but it may need earlier replacement if the overall condition of the water is saturated with contaminants like disease-causing pathogens that can affect the overall quality of the water system. E.coli and norovirus are common pathogens found in water that can cause serious health issues.

Replacing Home Water Filtration Systems

Water that is heavy with minerals can clog the filter, and many need earlier filter replacements. Heavy metals in water sources found near rural areas pose serious health risks. If your water was previously treated or filtered, the water quality might also affect the effectiveness of the home water filtration system. If your household uses a greater amount of water than the average family, this can also shorten the life of your filter.

There are telltale signs that your home water filtration system may need a replacement soon. The first sign is usually in the visual indication. Filters are usually clear and can easily show if the water is free from sediments. If you see the container is dirty or colored differently, then a replacement filter is required. If you observe an unusual odor or experience an unpleasant taste in the water, you will need to replace the filter. If you detect a gradual decrease in water pressure from the home water filtration system, it is time to buy a replacement filter. A poorly functioning water filtration system will cause the water flow to slow down and allow undesirable particles to permeate through the water supply. As a safety reminder, regularly check the water usage guidelines of the home water filtration system to be certain that you have not exceeded the limits.

Several brands offer several filter options for different consumer needs before you purchase a home water filtration system. The initial step is knowing where the primary source of your water supply is, and the second is knowing it could contaminate your water. Customer reviews will provide you with firsthand experiences on using the devices and will help you understand how to maintain the effectiveness of the filtration system.

There are several trusted brands and models for containers, faucets, sinks, and countertops. Given a budget, the cost of water filters varies considerably. Several models can handle a certain volume of water and ensure a level of water filtration efficiency. Check if the brand has complied with local water safety regulations and can easily provide replacement parts. Product quality can be assured if it is NSF or FDA certified. Companies that release lab results regarding EPA drinking water standard comparisons have more information to back up their water filtration claims.

Purchasing a water filtration system can be a worthwhile investment if you carefully consider the installation, convenience, and longevity. To ensure the continued effectiveness of the home water filtration system, you should always keep a backup filter. Having Berkey replacement filters on hand will provide convenient change-outs in case of an emergency at home. Healthy concerns should be the top priority in ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your water supply at home.