Spring Vs Memory Foam – A Battle for Good Sleep!


Getting a good night’s sleep is a priority of many. However, it does not work for many and most of them spend their time tossing and turning until the early hours of the morning. If insomnia is worrying you and you’re not getting proper sleep, chances are that you are using the wrong mattress. It is very important to analyze the mattress qualities before buying one. Also, a mattress is a long-term investment that can last up to ten years with proper love and care.

Regardless of whether you are buying the mattress at a store or mattress online shopping, there are so many mattress materials available today. It might be a little daunting to visit a mattress store and notice how many options are there and how to choose one that works best for you. In case you are finding it difficult to choose between memory foam and spring mattresses here are some important details.

Spring Vs Memory Foam

Spring mattress has been in use for a very long time and they are based on an age-old design which embeds spring inside to get a cushioned structure. The springs act as a push back and support body weight. While this is made to feel comfortable, at times when the spring goes rusty and old, they do not provide the much-needed comfort.

The memory foam mattress is made from a special polyurethane material that was first used by NASA for astronauts. Memory foam has many small cavity-like units through which air can be trapped. Due to this reason, memory foam mattresses absorb less heat. They are also special in terms of adjusting themselves according to the sleeper’s body.

Therefore, this mattress is very good for people who are suffering from body pain and joint pain. Wakefit has a special orthopaedic memory foam mattress that is specifically designed for people with joint and back pains. The best part is that the mattress restores itself to its original state without modifying the shape. Due to this most people, today prefer memory foam mattresses for their low maintenance and a higher level of comfort. Read on to understand, the difference between a spring mattress and memory foam mattress:

Pressure Points

Spring mattress does create an illusion of comfort along with the pillows. However, it does create more pressure on the hip and arms. Spring mattresses kind of pushes the pressure back into the body and the body responds with the same pressure to the mattress. It is very difficult to receive great support since the pressure points are not evenly distributed.

Memory foam mattress distributes weight evenly and reduces the pressure points up to 80%. This kind of support is available only from memory foam mattresses. Among all other mattress types, memory foam has the least pressure points. Getting disturbed due to the tossing and turning is reduced.

General Differences between Spring vs memory foam mattress

  • Cost: Spring mattresses cost much less than the memory foam mattress, but there is a huge difference in the quality and comfort offered.
  • Durability: A spring mattress has a lifetime of 7 to 10 years. Whereas memory foam mattress has a much longer lifetime.
  • Motion Transfer: Spring mattress transfers the motion to the next person. Memory foam prevents motion transfer so that the sleeping partner does not get disturbed due to this.
  • Hypoallergenic: Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic repelling dust and making it easy or cleaning. Whereas spring mattresses easily collect dust.

Mattress Firmness

Firmness is one of the most important factors for many sleepers. Most people prefer the mattress to have medium firmness. Spring mattresses have springs that act as shock absorbers. Depending on how dense or easy the coils are the mattress’ firmness is determined. Memory foam mattress adjusts itself according to your body type and provides you with excellent support without extending too much pressure back. Therefore, it has just the right amount of firmness that is suitable for you.

Temperature Resistance

Memory foam mattresses are temperature resistant and they adjust according to the temperature around the room and body heat.  Spring mattresses do not have any temperature resistant capabilities.

Maintaining the mattress

Spring mattresses require more maintenance and it must be rotated every three months to maintain the uniformity of the spring compression. This way the mattress will not have dips where you sleep and bumps where you have not. There is no maintenance required while using memory foam mattresses. They repel dust and a regular wipe with a cloth is enough to keep them clean.

In case you are confused about choosing between memory foam and spring mattresses, memory foam is best for pain relief and back support too. A spring mattress will come in handy if you are a side sleeper and you do not mind changing the mattress frequently. Either way, it is important to get the one that is the most comfortable for you. It will be a good idea to try and then choose whichever mattress you feel good to sleep in. Most of the manufacturers also offer a return policy for a certain period of time. This will be a good one to check too. Make an informed decision to get the best sleep and comfort.