Best Core Plus Connected Aasanas For Best Life Style


Yoga is one of the oldest and ancient practice that is practiced by our ancestors. Medically it is proved that the one who does yoga and meditation every day will have a long and healthy life style. In medical reviews it is instructed that the health care professionalsalso a part of their treatment recommends yoga for example for chronic pulmonary obstruction disease there is need of doing breathing and other pranayama exercise which relives obstruction and helps in air flow. With help of an instructor we can learn yoga in very easy steps. Initially practice is most essential.

Yoga is of two types

  • Atharva yoga
  • Core yoga
  • Yoga for prankhealing

Yoga depends on the life style and type of person. Every one can’t take up all the asanas. There are few asanas which can’t be done by few patients like sciatica problems and spondulicks can’t deal with these asanas. they will hurt long sciatic nerve and other bone and joint areas. In order to save us from the hurts and misleads we must be so careful while doing asanas. So it is recommended that we do in the presence of instructor. There are several benefits and useful things about asanas. We must keep all things in mind and should do yoga. Yoga is a perfect practice for mind and body. There are various styles of yoga and this help in placing good physical postures along with maintaining good exercise for breathing for long term and this also helps to make the body and soul meditated and maintain good mental health. Meditation helps to make our body calm and maintains in good condition. there are many benefits of doing yoga. There will be good blood circulation. Combination of both physical and mental feature well beings helps us to maintain good energy to the relaxation.  It is an historical and ancient practice which is originated in india. There are several movements involved in it and both meditation and breathing exercise helps in maintaining good mental and physical good health being. Several branches of yoga helps in maintaining good concentration of physical poses and deep breathing helps in maintaining good health being.

Indian yoga will have good energy while doing it in perfect way. There are several things according to the yoga and this should Be so perfect while doing. National survey has been created the practice from past many years. The yoga helps to rejuvenate our body. It improves blood circulating to brain and it helps to relief the body. Yoga is practiced by many people all over the world and it will continue to help people stay strong longer period.