When we lose teeth, or there are gaps between the teeth, they sometimes affect our confidence. Booking your appointment with Cosmetic Dentist Toronto can help you figure out a procedure that can make your smile picture-perfect. Dental bridges and crowns are one of the most popular ways to fix this problem. Most of the bridges and crowns are usually set on artificial devices cemented on the existing teeth or implants. These are permanently fixed into the teeth or the implant and can be removed only by the dentists.

How do dental bridges work?

When you have missing teeth, then dental crown treatment raleigh nc are recommended. These bridges are used to cover the spaces which are left behind by the lost teeth. It is important to get dental bridges as the spaces left behind can make the teeth shift or even rotate, causing bad bites. This gap also paves the room for various serious gum diseases like temporomandibular joint disorders.

During this cosmetic dentistry procedure, the dentist cements the bridge to the implants or the natural teeth, which are there on both sides of the gap. These teeth are referred to as abutments. They are the anchors for the dental bridges. When you are opting for bridges, there are various materials that you could choose from. The bridge’s cloth is usually dependent on the missing teeth’ location, aesthetic considerations, function, and cost.

How do dental crowns work?

When the entire tooth has been damaged, then it is suggested to get dental crowns. The crown’s use is to strengthen the damaged tooth and improve its shape, alignment, and appearance. The crown may also be placed on the implants to boost the structure and shape of the tooth. The ceramic and porcelain crowns can be made so that they would match your teeth’ natural color. The other materials which are used for making the crowns are acrylic, gold, and metal alloys. The crowns, which are made out of metal alloys, are stronger as when compared to porcelain. The metal alloy crowns are usually recommended for the teeth present at the back as they experience higher bite pressure than those in the front.

The dental crowns are recommended for various reasons like protecting the weak teeth from breaking, filling up large gaps when not much of a tooth is left, to attach a dental bridge, to cover or cap dental implants, to cover poorly shaped or discolored teeth, to cover the teeth which have undergone the root canal treatment and for restoring the broken teeth.

What is the lifespan of the crowns and bridges?

Both the dental crowns and bridges can be lost for more than a decade. They are also susceptible to becoming loose and even falling off. The lifespan of both can be increased by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly for professional cleaning and checkups. You may also have to take care of your diet and avoid consuming ice, hard foods and other objects.