Yoga Is Not Just for Flexibility


Yoga should be used as a way to navigate through these stressful times we are going through during this pandemic. When we attend a yoga class, we learn to work on our body, breathing and eventually how we interact in the world. The mental aspect that comes with regular yoga practice can certainly help people to become more compassionate, thoughtful and just more well-rounded.

Yoga has long been known to help with controlling people’s stress levels. A study in 2018 showed that after regular yoga practice, people felt themselves feeling less stressed, happier in general. Teachings from the spiritual side of yoga teaches us that everything is connected, we just need to calm down and look around us. When we work on our breathing with yoga, it gives us a chance to reflect on our overall well-being. Yoga is also proven to improve our immunity which is certainly important as we navigate this pandemic. The techniques we learn from yoga asanas will help improve the nervous system which directly will help build up our immune system to rid the body of toxins. Besides helping with your immunity, breathing exercises in yoga strengthens the lungs and respiratory system, ensuring they are working in top condition. Practicing yoga daily allows you to train your body and mind to deal with stress from different aspects of daily life.

There are two major sides to benefits one can gain from practicing yoga. The is the physical side through yoga asanas/poses that helps you keep fit, improve flexibility and increase strength. The other is pranayama which concentrates more on breath control and the more spiritual side of things. This is why yoga is perceived by many as a very balanced form of exercise. Hatha yoga is considered the best way for beginners to start and since a lot of us are spending more time indoors, a good way to start is with online yoga classes becoming more accessible.

The great part about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, in your bedroom or the back garden. Unlike working out in the gym or high intensity workouts, yoga does not need any weight equipment or fancy machines. You can kickstart your yoga journey with a live yoga app like myYogaTeacher that lets people learn from experienced yoga instructors right from the comfort of your home. Practice yoga daily along with a healthy diet and you will yourself emerging a stronger person post this pandemic!