Top 5 supplement brands from Australia that you should have heard of


Australia is well known for its premium supplement products and you may have bought some of them when you need certain supplements such as vitamins and minerals. It is important to choose the right brands that truly bring benefits to your health. Here are the top 5 Australian supplement brands that you should know in no particular order:


Swisse is famous for its vitamin products. However, they are not only producing multivitamin, but also other type of supplements and skincare products. This company was founded in 1969 and its headquarter is located in Melbourne. Swisse has been investing in scientific researches to develop high quality health products for more than half century. Since 2015, 86% of the company is held by Chinese company as the Chinese market was increasing dramatically during that period.

Swisse has enhanced brand exposure to multiple markets of about 30 countries and expanded their products range recently. It has launched probiotics and pregnancy products to accommodate the customer needs in the volatile markets, which contribute to maintain its leading position in the industry.  Now, Swisse supplements are sold internationally and it is considered as the top multivitamin provider in the supplement industry.


Founded in 1930s and headquartered in Sydney, Blackmores is an public-listed company which is passionate about natural health and people’s wellbeing. They have more than 1400 employees across the world including Australia, New Zealand and Asia. They have developed a variety of health products for humans and animals, especially vitamins, herbal and other supplements. Their values are known as PIRLS, which are passion for natural health, integrity, respect, leadership, social responsibility. In 2019, Blackmores was awarded Australia Most Trusted Brand for vitamins and supplements.


Cenovis began in 1938, and then became one of the biggest supplements company in Australia since 1976 when they decided to step into vitamin production. Nowadays, they own multiple product lines with more than 60 products, which are premium health products with high quality standards. It is a brand trusted by Australian families for decades and they are going to develop global markets as their brand is gainingmore  reputation across the world.




Brauer are specialized in traditional homeopathic medicine, herbal medicines and skin care products. It was established in 1929 as a South Australian family pharmacy and now has become a leading manufacturer of health products in Australia. They provide high quality health supplements and grow their business rapidly. As a traditional Australian owned brand, Braueris showing new energy in the fast growing market especially in Asia.

Ocean King

Ocean King was founded in 1998 in Melbourne, it is famous for its health products, and a giant supplier to travel retailer chains, which differentiate it from other brands. Ocean King has been considered as an absolutely Australian owned and operated company, and able to provide natural and healthy products that meet Australian standard. Their main product range includes health and wellbeing, milk powder, Manuka Honey and skincare products. All premium products are proved that specific quality standards have been met such as TGA regulations, GMP standard, Australian Food Safety Standard and Australian Made.

In conclusion, today people are more willing to purchase supplement as extra nutrients intake to maintain daily heath. Hence, selecting a supplement with high quality is essential to maximise its potential health benefits. It is suggested that people always buy healthcare products produced by reputable manufacturers that are able to provide a certificate of analysis, which is a document that the purity and strength of the product have been recorded in detail and prove it that has met Australian quality standards.

In addition, please also remember to have a look on the ingredient label and avoid supplements that contain high amount of additives and preservatives.People who have any special health conditions or are taking any other medicine, should consult a healthcare professional before starting a new supplement in order to avoid negative side effects.