Smartest addressing to Weight Loss After 60


About the age of 60 you need just a little less energy. So will you continue to eat the same food as always? Then you probably notice that you arrive slowly. The solution to not gain weight: eat a little less and get enough exercise every day. The tips on this page help with this.

The older you get, the less energy your body uses, for example because you start moving less or because your muscles decrease in size (and muscles use a lot of energy). If you get as much energy from food and drink over a longer period of time as you consume, you will not gain weight. You call this the energy balance. It is therefore important to remain in balance as you get older. In case of the over 60 weight loss you need to follow the following:

How much can you eat?

What does your Disk of Five look like? Enter your gender and age and discover how much you can eat. With 10 examples of daily menus, you can see how you can put something different on the table every day.

  • Practical tips for a healthy weight
  • Eating less potatoes, pasta and bread

On this page you can fill in the ‘Disk of Five for you’ tool. You will receive tailor-made advice on how many products from the Wheel of Five you need.

After 60 you get slightly different advice than before. What is different then?

Take less and take more:

  • 1 less sandwich.
  • A ½ to 1 potato or a ½ to 1 serving spoon of grain products (such as pasta and rice) less.
  • From 25 grams of unsalted nuts per day to 15 grams per day (for men this only applies after 70).
  • You can take ½ to 1 portion more of milk and milk products, for example an extra glass of milk.

These small changes help you stay at the same weight and get enough nutrients, such as calcium. You are not supposed to eat less of everything. This way you can still eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Drink water, tea and coffee

Especially choosing water and coffee and tea without sugar means quick profit. In 1 glass of juice or soft drink is soon 7 sugar cubes. Drinking juice and soda is linked to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Remember that alcohol is also high in calories.

Small portions

Do you choose something that is not in the Disk of Five? You can then go for smaller portions or something with fewer calories.

To move

Stay or exercise more. In addition to a good energy balance, there are many more benefits of exercise: you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and depressive symptoms. A lot of exercise is also related to a lower risk of breast and colon cancer and a lower risk of premature death. When you are older, exercising also lowers the risk of bone fractures and improves your muscle strength and walking speed. It is also plausible that a lot of exercise as you get older is associated with a lower chance of cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.