Long-term Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Tumor Risk


Research has found that long-term use of cell phones are linked to brain tumor risk.  Most health-conscious cell phone users are looking for a solution to minimize this health risk.  Many consider cell phone cases designed with materials that block the cell phone radiation signals harmful when held next to the body.

However, our research found that many cell phone suppliers put this protective material on the back of the cell phones with reflect even more radiation towards the front of the phone and right into the brains of the user.

There is one exception we found that seems to do the job correctly. That is Cruz cases. ( Cruz phone cases seem to have gotten it right. Their patent and designs place the shielding material on the front of the flip cover wallet phone case blocking the cell phone radiation directed out of the front of the phone.  Only this design blocks the cell phone radiation directed towards the brain. Cruz claims to block up to 99.99% of the radiation, the maximum protection available on the market.  Other phone cases cannot make this claim.  There is a testing video showing the effectiveness of the Cruz case by Alpha Lab, maker of the Tri-meter radiation meters.

We found what makes Cruz cases so special.  Cruz cases use a Reflectrex core shielding material, found to be the best agent for blocking cell phone radiation. Other copycat phone cases seem to use a cheaper material only partially blocking the radiation.

Until the phone industry finds a solution to this health problem, many feel their health is at risk. Cruz cases is a small company with big potential given their patents and design.  The pricing starts at $39.95 and product include a Universal case that fits most any cell phone under 5” tall.

Cruz cases are sold online in Canada ( and ( and the USA (call 518-608-6479 for details).

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