Injection Face Treatments Can Remove Imperfections On Your Face


 As the face is representing our personality, we are trying to maintain a beautiful younger look, but after a certain age, that can be quite challenging. The aging process is natural, but some skin is more prone to sagging, wrinkles and dark spots and that is what makes people unhappy.

Many cosmetics procedures can help when it comes to these skin changes, and one of the quite popular treatments are injected ones. These treatments last a few minutes, and there is almost no downtime, for example with surgical procedures, where you can consider that the recovery period will last a few weeks.

Anti-wrinkle injections

These injections are specialized to reduce the deep wrinkles which usually appear on your forehead, around your mouth and eyes. They contain a specific toxin that will affect the receptors on the face muscles, blocking them when the brain is sending signals for contraction. There are different types of this toxin, but the most common one is Botox.

For deeper wrinkles, anti-wrinkle injections can be a great solution

So, for example, the Botox is injected in small dosage in muscles on your forehead, and when you activate those muscles, the area where your wrinkles are, will not be affected and your skin will be smothered giving your face a younger look. This is done by a very small dosage of Botox, so your face will have a natural look.

These anti-wrinkle injections Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will give you great results that are going to last for a few months, and you will notice improvements gradually. After the effect of the injections passes, you can repeat the treatment as there is no certain limit on the number for undergoing this treatment. 

Double chin injections

Double chin treatment is one of the best non-surgical options for the fat tissue under your chin. Double chin fat tissue is well known as the stubborn fat or subcutaneous fat that is very hard to get rid of by dieting or exercising. It can appear in any age where genetics can be the cause and it is almost the rule that it will appear when the person is obese. 

Double chin can be removed with injectable treatment

Double chin injection treatment is also known as a non-surgical chin lift, where the injected substance will melt the fat tissue and the body will absorb it. The doctors for double chin injections Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne are usually using liquid lecithin (from soya beans) or deoxycholic acid (the substance which naturally occurs in the body). 

Because these are quite strong substances, there are possible side effects such as bruising and in very rare cases, it can cause side of your mouth to droop, but that is always temporary. 

Final word

After injectable treatments, you will notice some improvements in your look, but the final results will gradually appear. Sometimes, you will need to do a few more treatments but that will pay off as there is almost no downtime.