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Foods that you should not include in post-weight loss surgery

Foods that you should not include in post-weight loss surgery

From the first day of your post-surgery period, you should stay on a liquid diet or a soft food diet. After some days, you can shift to solid foods. Whatever you are eating, make sure that you chew it thoroughly; it will prevent things like a blockage. There are no foods that will affect you after weight loss surgery in Las Crucesif you eat them moderately.

What foods to avoid after weight loss surgery?

  1. Say no to foods that are hard to chew

Protein is a necessary nutrient that you should add to your routine diet. Avoid red meat since it is tough to chew and digest. Get your proteins from foods like beans, cottage cheese, lean meats, or fish.

  1. Fibrous Vegetables

You should not include fibrous vegetables in your diet after weight loss surgery in Las Cruces. Eating soft or cooked vegetables such as peas that are easy to chew and digest.

  1. Spicy meals

Having spicy meals can cause issues in your digestion process. It might be tough for you to tolerate spicy food at the initial stage. Wait for some weeks, and after that, you can introduce a new food item to your diet.

  1. Beverages

You need to avoid certain drinks and beverages, like tea, coffee, soda, or sugary drinks. All these drinks contain caffeine, which might cause dehydration, and in the post-operative phase, you have to stay hydrated every day for better recovery.

  1. Milkshakes

Milkshakes are not that much harmful as you think. In most bariatric surgeries, the stomach’s size is reduced, and it gets filled rapidly after a few bites. The solid food you eat after the surgery will settle in your new stomach, whereas milkshakes won’t sit there for long. It may result in a high amount of calories in your body.

  1. Fried foods

The medical professional suggests the patients ignore fried foods for a lot of reasons. Fried foods are rich in fat and sodium. They are even tough to digest.

What can you eat after weight loss surgery?

It is good to stay on a clear liquid diet for a week or two after the operation. Possibilities of post-surgery complications will be less if you are following the right diet pattern. In the third week, you can add soft and sugar-free foods. You can shift to a solid food diet after some time. It includes sweet potatoes, low-fat cheese, cereals, and fruits.