Understanding More About Cannabis Dosing – What You Should Take


The medical sector has now confirmed the use of cannabis to cure numerous illnesses. Although the details are scanty, there is already a hype around the topic. Marijuana contains CBD, which is a potent compound with a variety of health benefits. As people rush to take advantage of this, there is some confusion about the right dosage to use.

It is highly recommended to take the right dosage if you want to get all of the benefits. If you research widely and consult with the right health experts, you will get to know what amount is appropriate for your case. So, how does one determine the right dose? Here are some helpful insights.

Understanding Your Current Situation

Disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, cancer, and seizures have different dosage needs when it comes to the use of CBD. A different dosage is needed for conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, and pain. Thus, one must understand their current condition before they can conclude the right dose to use.

In many cases, the doctors might not prescribe the actual dose to use but will guide you on a range. This is also the case when you dig this information from the web. The main reason for this is because this topic is still young and more research is ongoing to get accurate information.

Dose for Beginners

Whether you have an acute health condition or not, it is always recommended to start small with CBD consumption. The body needs to try a mild dose so you can find out if it will accommodate more or not. At this stage, you will also know whether you are allergic to CBD in any way or not.

As you observe the results, you can increase the dose until you get the right amount for your body and condition. Many people have been successful in using of CBD to mitigate various health conditions after taking this approach.

The Form of CBD Determines the Dose

CBD comes in many forms and this can determine the dose you will take. CBD oil is the most popular form and it is usually mild. People take it through the sublingual method or mix it with edibles. This will further affect the dose since not all CBD that is mixed with food is consumed.

CBD concentrates and wax have a high level of CBD and only a little should be taken. They are also recommended for people with acute conditions rather than those who want to maintain general health. When consuming the concentrate, one should be careful to avoid overdosing as this can have some adverse effects on your health.

Dealing with THC

CBD and THC are different types of cannabinoids found in marijuana plants. During the separation, some THC might find its way into the CBD. It is always considered safe to take a CBD dose with THC content of 0.3% or lower. Anything above that might have a psychoactive effect on your body.


Finding the right CBD dose for your condition is a prudent idea. As you start using it, try as much as possible to learn what is working well for you. With this, you will definitely enjoy the benefits.