Facial Surgeries That Might Interest You


If you happen to be quite skeptical when it comes to facial surgeries due to all the bad results that were occurring in the 90s and early 2000s, we can easily tell you that things have changed for the better, by a lot. There are all kinds of surgical procedures these days that will correct your imperfections, and they will make you look absolutely stunning.

Lip Fillers

There have been quite a lot of “horror stories” regarding lip fillers back in the early 2000s, as this was one of the most common gone wrong surgical procedure that was done back then which was easily noticed, especially when it was done by a celebrity.

Luckily for you, the facial plastic surgeon Double Bay in Sydney Dr Hodgkinson that performs this procedure today is extremely skilled when it comes to lip fillers, and the advances in technology have definitely evolved by quite a lot from twenty years ago.

The most common mistake back then was the issue of the patient being allergic to the fillers that were used to enhance the volume of the lips, which is the main reason behind the deformations that you might be familiar with. Today, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to lip fillers, but consulting with the surgeon about possible allergies is still suggested.

Lip fillers can have a great effect

Facial implants

When it comes to facial plastic surgeon Double Bay in Sydney Dr Hodgkinson, the most popular procedures that are performed are the ones that revolve around some kind of implants. The most popular choice when it comes to male patients are chin implants, and for female patient, the cheek implant procedure.

Chin implants

When it comes to chin augmentation with Dr Hodgkinson or other skilled surgeons, it is known that the effects are going to make the person more masculine, as adding chin implants tends to make one have a stronger looking jaw line. While This procedure is not as common for women, there are some cases where getting chin implants is definitely going to make you look better, no matter which gender you are.

Cheek Implants

While cheek implants do not necessarily make a person look more feminine, they are more in demand by the female population, due to the fact that they simply tend to have thinner cheeks to begin with. This is especially the case when it comes to smokers.

Women who tend to smoke and have genetically thin cheeks tend to look a bit unhealthy, therefore undergoing cheek implants can have an incredible effect on making them more beautiful simply by making them look healthier.

Cheek implants will make you look healthier

Final Word

The world of surgical procedures is full with all kinds of options, and there is definitely a surgery that is perfect for you. Naturally, there are some other non-invasive procedures out there as well, that can help you achieve better looks with out having to undergo the surgeon’s blade.