How rapidly can someone safely lose weight


It is pretty normal for a person to desire to wake up with a fit body and already lose 20 kg from the tiring workout session yesterday. In reality, we know that it is impossible to achieve that and in fact, losing weight too rapidly can lead to physical or even mental illness. Evidence has revealed that losing gradually (approximately 1 kg per week) have shown more beneficial towards a person’s health than shredding all the weights off from the body. Thus, it is always wise to stick to proper and healthy ways to lose weight, instead of using uncertified supplements or magic weight loss pills that will only bring forth self-destruction. Weight loss treatments by Nexus Clinic provide certified services and the doctors will tailor the treatment accordingly to your needs.

So, what is the hazard of losing weight rapidly? Technically, the fastest way to lose weight is to lose the water in your body as it makes up quite a significant portion of your weight. There are people who take diuretics without any medical indications just to see the rapid drop of the number shown on their weighing machines. Taking diuretics without a doctor’s advice or monitoring may impose health hazards to you, as you may lose water too rapidly, and being in a dehydrated state is not fun at all. You will lose a significant of electrolytes which causes you to feel fatigued, weak, nausea or dizzy, your heart may even go into irregular rhythms which may be fatal.

It is always good to restrict your carbohydrate intake as your body will resort in breaking own your fats as energy source once they find out that the carbohydrate is out of stock. However, there are people who are obsessed with the idea of fast weight loss, they will resort to low-calorie intake, as low as 500 calories per day along with the higher intensity of exercise. This is not a good idea as what will happen next after your body cannot break down fats is pretty devastating. You will undergo a process called rhabdomyolysis where your body starts to breakdown your muscle cells as the energy source, rendering you with muscle weakness. Furthermore, the products (myoglobin) will injure the kidneys acutely, which can make you progress into kidney failure in just a few hours time.

Apart from this, you may also suffer from symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. Nutritions from our daily diet plays an important role in our body metabolism, cellular regeneration, energy and so forth. When one devoids of all types of nutrition, they may have symptoms such as sudden hair loss, brittle bones, constipation, poor immune function or extreme fatigue that can prevent them from carrying on their daily routines. It directly impacts on one’s quality of life whilst chasing the lower numbers on weighing scales.

Thus, weight loss too needs moderation to ensure that we get the maximum benefits. A weight-loss rate of 0.85kg to 0.9kg per week is pretty ideal and there are numerous scientific researches that substantiate the benefits of this rate of losing weight such as optimizing blood sugar level and blood pressure. The philosophy of weight loss still sticks to the motto of “eat good and exercise more”. Eat good means that we can restrict our carbohydrate portion in our diet and increase the other food class such as proteins and fibres. Exercise more simply means to move your body, regardless you are just doing a brisk walk or intense spin session, as long as you sweat it out!