Dental Crowns & Bridges: Now’s The Time To Get Them


Do you have missing or damaged teeth? Dentists can undertake a procedure to restore the teeth and give you a smile that you want. Unlike dentures, you do not have to remove the dental crowns and bridges to wash them. The procedure is trending in the dental industry as they are unique and have many benefits.

When do you require Teeth Restoration?

Several dental challenges make use of crowns and bridges. Crowns come in handy when there is teeth discoloration or fracture. It may also act as support for dental bridges and as cover for weak teeth due to decay. On the other hand, bridges are an artificial tooth that is used in place of missing ones. 

They are Superior to the alternatives

Dental crowns are placed on top of a damaged tooth to cover the gaps. It helps in restoring comfort in chewing. A crown covers a full cavity tooth, and it is not easy to detect them. The product is superior to fillings as they last longer, and it feels like a natural extension of the tooth. Bridges are used to fill gaps between teeth due to one or more missing. Patients who have had injuries and lost teeth are the most popular users. Bridges are different from dentures. They are attached permanently to the jaw, and they are stronger than dentures. The composition of materials making up the product is superior to the available alternatives.

Dental crowns and bridges are a new addition to the industry. They are better than the traditional methods of tooth restoration. The procedure is safe, and you can sue your doctor for compensation if they get it wrong. Let us look at the benefits of each of the item;

Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Bridges restore dental’s full functionality: chewing is always challenging when a person is missing one or more teeth. A bridge will be an artificial tooth to replace the one missing. It also helps in hampered speech due to missing teeth.
  • Supports adjacent teeth: when one tooth is not there, the surrounding teeth will become weak. It is difficult to have a strong bite due to the absence of teeth. However, a bridge will support the adjacent teeth making it easy to chew.
  • It is durable: unlike dental dentures, bridges will last longer.
  • Improves appearance: bridges are trending in tooth restoration. It brings back the smile and restores confidence in patients.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Crowns protect damaged teeth: it is possible to protect damaged teeth from further destruction using dental crowns. After root canal procedures, a weak tooth can use crowns for protection.
  • Tooth restoration: crowns restore the structure of teeth. It is possible to choose a shade that matches your teeth to make it undetectable.
  • Durability: crowns last for many years. It is composed of durable materials, and it will serve you for more than ten years.


A dentist is an ideal person to advise whether you need crowns and bridges or not. Book an appointment today if you are showing symptoms of tooth damage.