Types of Pool Filter Available in the Market


Three different kinds of pool filters can be found: diatomaceous earth, cartridge, as well as sand filters. Let’s look at each kind of filter.

  • Diatomaceous Earth Swimming Pool Filters

A diatomaceous earth filter is a huge tank with finger-like or grids projections inside that are covered with DE powder. DE is a normally taking place, a soft sedimentary rock that easily falls apart into a great powder. This rock is crucially the fossil remains of shelled algae. They work like little sponges. DE filters carry out similar to a sand filter; but they can remove smaller sized bits, as tiny as 3 to 5 microns in size.

DE filters need backwashing because as the tank fills up with caught particles, the stress in the storage tank rises. Backwashing is suggested monthly, as well as after backwashing; you need to include fresh DE powder. The grid or finger-like estimates in the tank have to be deep cleaned up one or two times annually.

  • Cartridge Pool Filters

A cartridge filter is a large tank with the cartridge filter inside that catches bits as little as 10 microns. Cartridge filters do not require backwashing as well as are straightforward to remove. To clean it, you can remove the cartridge as well as spray it down with a tube, or you can use chemical sprays as well as soaks for cleaning the cartridge filter prior to splashing it downward. Cartridge filters need replacement every few years, relying on usage as well as the brand.

  • Sand Pool Filters

A sand filter is a huge tank full of sand. Water is pumped with the sand, removing particles as well as bits as tiny as 20 microns. After a while, fragments trapped by the sand start to develop inside the container as well as the gauge suggests high stress of eight-ten pounds, which suggests it is the time for backwashing the sand filter. The process of backwash clears out a filter by pushing water via the container in reverse. The sand lasts seven years as well as the only required upkeep is backwashing and also rinsing. It is necessary to match the sand filter with a pool pump of the same design flow rate.