Types And Instructions To Find A Suitable Teeth Whitening Treatment In The Modern Times


It seems like everywhere you look there are ads for teeth whitening products plastered all over billboards, on every other commercial on television and the internet. Stores have shelves full of whitening toothpaste and chewing gum that promises to give you a brighter smile anywhere from a few days to weeks. There are also a wide variety of teeth whitening treatments from dentists. With all of these choices out there, you will have to know which product to choose. A good place to begin is with your dentist. Your dentist will have a list of your dental background and will better be able to assess what level of whitening you will need.

Types of teeth whitening treatments available today:

The three commonly used types of whitening treatments that you can get from your dentist are laser whitening, mould bleaching, and whitening strips. Laser whitening consists of your dentist putting a treatment on your teeth and then flashing it with a laser to give you the quickest whitening treatment ever. Mould bleaching is when your dentist creates a mould of your mouth and then fills the mould with a whitening gel. This method of treatment can be inconvenient for some because it takes a few days from the time your dentist first makes the mould and then has you return once he receives it. Using a mould might be a hassle for those who are pressed for time, but many people still use this treatment because it is quite effective. The gel that is placed in the mould wraps around every groove of your teeth giving it the ultimate whitening results.

The last teeth whitening treatment is known as whitening strips. They are just like the ones you buy at the supermarket, but they have a stronger amount of whitening solution compared to the ones that are widely released in the stores. Your dentist can adjust the level of strength for the strip and you will have it professionally applied to your teeth. While most at-home teeth whitening kits work, they come with a very large price tag. Going to your dentist in order to find a whitening treatment suitable for your needs will probably give you optimal results. You do not want to get a treatment that will be too strong and harm the enamel on your teeth. In conclusion, the best teeth whitening treatments from dentists will be available to you if you discuss your personal needs and requirements.

If you have got sensitive teeth, you should consider some important points:

If you want to get a teeth whitening treatment but you are afraid of the pain coming from the sensitivity, then you should learn new and best ways to whiten teeth and not suffer from sensitivity. For anyone who has experienced sensitivity, you should know how painful it can be when you feel that jerk of pain travelling into the tooth. It usually happens right after drinking something hot or cold. You cannot allow the pain and sensitivity do not stop you from teeth whitening treatment. You can whiten your teeth without having sensitivity by following some important tips:

  • Before whitening your teeth, you should make sure you have enough calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium in your body. These three are responsible for having healthy teeth. It is important to make sure that you start taking a vitamin approximately one month before you decide to whiten your teeth.
  • There are several factors, including your dental health, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals, that will determine if the teeth whitening treatment is right for you. It is important that you have realistic goals, if you want to completely transform your smile, a more drastic treatment like dental veneers, may be better for you.
  • The office bleaching is performed with a laser or a light source. You will usually need to use a special protector to protect your gums, and then the concentrated peroxide gel is applied directly to the teeth.