Different Ways To Follow For The Acne Treatment


Problem of Acne:

Human skin is the biggest human organ which covers the whole body. When the body attains the adolescent age, the problem of pimples arises. The problem can occur to male and female both. Pimples recognize as red spot fills with white pus at their top. If the amount of pimple is large, then the person’s face won’t look bright. Also, an individual who suffers from the pimple usually lose the self-confidence and hesitate to walk in public.

The problem of acne is not complicated. It can be resolved with the consultation of the doctor. Generally, a doctor prescribes a cream which needs to apply on the pimples that are quite effective, and pimples start getting dry and finish after a specific time. Doctors who are skin expert are called as Dermatologist and their prescriptions quite helpful in avoiding the problem of acne.

How to find the best dermatologist in your city?

Acne treatment can be performed in any city. On the platforms like Careclues etc.,anyone can easily fetch the details of suitable doctors. For instance, you are looking for a dermatologist in Kolkata then type “Dermatologist in Kolkata” in the search bar. You will have a list of suitable doctors where you can apply suitable filters like experience, expertise, rating, and fee.

The problem of acne is self-diagnosed and self-treated. Until it is a worse situation, people prefer to resolve the problems with some home remedies.

A few best acne treatments home remedies:

  • Coconut oil and sugar scrub: Scrub obtained after mixing coconut oil and sugar well. The face gently needs to scrub through this mixture and then wash it off. The process helps to remove exfoliate that is the dead skin cells.
  • Avoid consuming too much dairy products: It is a common belief that consuming too much dairy product exposes to the hormones. Hormonal changes are one of the main reasons for acne. 
  • Exercise regularly: To keep the body fit and to avoid hormonal changes, physical exercise is recommended. 

Breakdown of acne is painful and highly frustrating. People are usually tried to remove the acne forcefully. The process of breaking down the acne leave scar that is equally frustrating as the occurrence of acne. Some acne even leaves a permanent scar on the face.

Ways to remove acne scar: 

  • Salicylic acid: This is one of the very effective skincare products. Salicylic is a naturally occurring compound that needs to put on the skin to remove acne scar.
  • Lactic acid: Applying lactic acid on the skin work as a peeling that gently needs to remove after some time. Removing the skin causes to remove dead skin and also help in removing scar slowly.
  • Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera is famous as a wonder plant for acne scar treatment. Since the ancient time, people are using the Aloe Vera to remove acne scar. It can be used as a food substance, or the plant’s gel can be applied on the skin for the removal of the scar. 


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