Yoga amidst Coronavirus pandemic: Improving immunity, boosting morale and productivity in business


As we set foot into the community transmission phase of COVID19 pandemic, one needs to be extra cautious— immunity boosting foods though essential, may not be sufficient. Although countries across the globe implemented lockdown, the risk of contracting the virus is still there, as evinced from the surge in the number of COVID19 cases. That said, one can’t completely close down businesses for indefinite period as it becomes important to keep the work going and support the economy.

Besides social distancing and effective sanitisation procedures, all businesses and organisations must also consider making meditation & yoga compulsory in their premises. This would not just help boost the immunity of the workforce but also strengthen the morale and perspective needed to fight the uncertainty around COVID19.

Not too long ago, the University of California conducted a research study to understand the link between entrepreneurship and mental illness. The study suggested that about 49% of entrepreneurs were dealing with at least one mental illness and this was when the situation was normal and the world wasn’t facing a daunting task in the form of a contagious virus, thus, its importance is unparalleled in present times.

Rajat Khare, founder of Luxembourg based Boundary Holding investment fund, and a yogi entrevestor, through his Facebook Yoga page speaks about the transformation that Yoga and meditation have brought in his life. He says, “What began as a physical practice soon started cleansing the mind and then the soul. Practicing the 8 limbs of yoga where physical (asanas) is just one, started giving a clear vision of the world inside you and outside.”

It has been observed that majority of the entrepreneurs are currently on their toes 24*7; without long weekends, vacations, or even adequate sleep – in dire need of a holistic and sustainable way of dealing with the pressure. For instance, Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce.com, has been meditating way before he started his company in 1999. He advises his peers to follow the same to “clear your mind and make room for new ideas”.

Thus, it is clear that notable business personalities turn to yoga and meditation to maintain their physical and mental health. Now, especially during such difficult times, when barring essential services, most of the major services are coming to a halt, it would be so erroneous to ignore such an effective practice. Yoga not just has the potential to boost immunity but also the morale of entrepreneurs and the workforce, who are reeling under the pressure created by coronavirus outbreak.