What to look for when buying a mask


Covid-19 has spread around the world and infected thousands of people worldwide. As a result of it, people wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus. Different types of masks available to buy but all the types of masks are not suitable to prevent the infection. Therefore, people should aware of what to look for when buying a mask.

Different types of disposable and reusable masks are available currently. Everyone is not capable of buying expensive types of masks. People looking for affordable masks and some people use homemade masks.

To get the required protection, you should be aware of the requirements of the masks. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial just wearing whatever the mask available. These are the things to consider before buying a mask to protect from coronavirus.

Purpose of wearing the mask

There are different types of masks for different uses. Some masks have the potential of providing protection against dust and moisture. Some masks are specially designed to give protection against germs. Therefore, the mask should match the required protection type. All the masks on the market will not be able to cater to the actual purpose of wearing the mask.

Materials used for the manufacture

Different masks are made of different materials to suit the actual purpose of wearing them. Some are made of cotton and some masks like surgical masks made of nylon. There is a filter included in some masks to provide extra protection. Have a closer look at the mask and be aware of the materials used to sew the mask before purchasing or ordering them online.

Protection level

There is a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) value for masks according to the protection capability. If the mask you are going to buy has a higher BFE value, there is a higher expectation of that mask. Such masks are well suited for the current epidemic in the world. Masks like Ultifresh Re-Usable Mask provides BFE 99% of protection which is higher when compared with the other masks available.

Price and availability

Supply of the mask types such as surgical masks and N95 respirators are mostly used by the medical officers. There is a limited supply of such masks and they are suitable for people who are at high risk of being exposed to the virus. Therefore, the public can save such masks for the medical officers and buy other types of masks available. There are affordable masks like 3-ply masks and cotton masks with enough supply.


Look for the brand name and the details of the manufacturer before buying a mask. It is better to buy a mask with the manufacturer’s logo or brand imprinted on the mask. It means the company holds the responsibility of the mask and assure the expected protection. If you are about to buy masks online, Ultifresh provides you masks with guaranteed protection and high-quality products. All the details are available on the Ultifresh website and you can view them before ordering online.

Ultrifresh has a large collection of masks in Singapore with worldwide delivery. You can even customize the masks and include your brand and label on the masks. Always be considerate before buying a mask to get the maximum protection.