What To Do When You Are Diagnosed With Any Terminal Illness?


We all are mortals and every one of us has to face the ultimate truth – death- one day. This simple life cycle becomes all the more complicated when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and you feel as if you are destined to spend life waiting for death to come. Thankfully, there are hospice care services available that can help the terminally ill patients do something better than simply watching the clock ticking.

So, when you are diagnosed with any terminal ailment, the very first thing to do is to keep a positive attitude. All people love to be self-dependent, and if by any means, one can reduce the dependence on others, it ca definitely help cope with the ailment of terminal nature in a better manner. Hospice service is one such solution that is aimed at improving the quality of life of a terminally ill patient. These services entail responsibilities, such as:

  • Management of symptoms: Home care services are not meant for cancer patients only. These are designed to support the other patients too who can suffer severe symptoms of any tough disease. For example, some diseases can cause bouts of fear, or that or vomit or episodes of forgetfulness or passing out. Such symptoms require professionals who know what to do when any such thing happens. They can help the patients return to normalcy and do not overthink about it.
  • Help with daily chores: Maintaining cleanliness and providing patients with specially designed diet are two important responsibilities that home care services can take over and prevent onset of any kind of infection. Also, the regular cleaning of body, trip to garden or in fresh air and to encourage patients to practice hobbies or simply talking to them can make each day wonderful for ailing patient.

Curative treatments, too, are part of palliative care program. These treatments are covered by medical insurance too. So, apart from regularly seeing the doctor, hiring palliative care, one should also buy enough medical cover so that it does not make life more difficult.