What is PhytoPro Select CBD?


Phyto Pro Select CBD is a Plant-Based Body-Centered solution for individuals looking for a healthy, safe, and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals, many with concerning side effects. Or to low-quality, open-sourced CBD products that often contain very little if any active CBD. Phyto Pro Select offers a range of topicals, tinctures, and daily gel caps that deliver a full spectrum, single-source cannabidiol, with rich terpenes from our proprietary, organically grown hemp.

Why is PhytoPro Select better than other CBD Brands on the market?

Phyto Pro Select CBD products are formulated with some amazing ingredients and some simple goals. We met our goals and beyond when we created a line of consistently effective, safe, and affordable CBD products. By using only the highest quality ingredients and doing so with care and respect for our natural resources and the end-user, we set out to make a positive difference with our CBD products for both our environment and our customers. The feedback we get from daily users tells us we hit a home run.

PhytoPro Select uses a lot of ingredients native to New Mexico, can you tell us some of those ingredients and the benefits?

As a small company started in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we chose to look at some of the traditional remedies that our families have relied on for centuries. Those remedies have been used and relied upon not because they were fashionable or somehow trendy, those remedies have been used because they are effective and the natural ingredients were readily available. With a range of plant-based ingredients such as Osha root, Trementina resin, Calendula flowers, Arnica, and more. The benefits of these natural ingredients start with local, sustainable sourcing and then continue with aiding in improved wellness for many who have discovered the powerful benefits of plant-based solutions. It has been reported that Osha root has been used to reduce digestive and respiratory issues. Trementina resin along with other ingredients have been used by indigenous communities of the southwest on dry, sunburned, and other irritating skin conditions for over 400 years! Calendula flower is also known for its positive effects on many skin irritations and dryness conditions.

PhytoPro Select CB

Who should use PhytoPro Select CBD and what are some of the products you offer?

Phyto Pro Select has been recognized as a premium and effective product from Top performing professional athletes, Natural health practitioners, Adventure enthusiasts, Yoga studios, young and active, and actively aging. Many of our customers who have tried other brands were left disappointed and continued their search for effective relief, finding that relief with Phyto Pro Select CBD by using our Topicals, Tinctures, and daily capsules.

What has been the most rewarding thing about launching PhytoPro Select CBD?

As an individual who has suffered from many sport-related injuries that left me with chronic aches and pains, I can truly relate to how life-changing it can be when you have finally found safe and effective relief. When I get those calls or emails from our customers or family members of our customers that share their personal stories of what their conditions were and the now improved wellness and quality of life they experience today, I have on multiple occasions been brought to tears of joy knowing that someone I do not know or may never meet is experiencing a much needed, improved quality of life after using our products.

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