What helps BOTOX™ last longer?


When it comes to getting Botox in Calgary, it is ok to wonder how to make it last longer. After all, investing in a beauty product or treatment is meant to restore your skin’s youthful appearance for the long haul. We asked our experts to share some tips you can use to make Botox last longer. Read this to discover what you can do to improve your treatment results and make your skin brighter and wrinkle-free.

Make sure you protect your skin from UVA and UVB damage

A vital step to take after getting Botox is protecting your skin in front of UV damage. Your skin will become more sensitive to UV light exposure, so you should apply sunscreen no matter the season we’re in. It can make your Botox results last longer!

Exercise with moderation, but don’t follow a sedentary lifestyle

Even though in the first days of your Botox treatment is recommended to avoid intense workouts, you shouldn’t settle for a sedentary lifestyle. Moderate exercise routines are best for keeping your skin youthful-looking. Still, you should prevent hard-core training or similar intense exercises. These can speed up your metabolic rate causing Botox to break down faster.

Follow an adequate skincare routine

It is not sufficient to have a Botox treatment to deal with wrinkles and fine lines. Our experts say that having an adequate skin care routine can boost the results and help you enjoy those for longer. If you have collagen-boosting products in your routine, you’ll help your skin regain elasticity. It would also be best if you tend to your skin’s needs both in the morning and in the evening.

Don’t overlook the importance of hydration

Hydration is marvelous for our bodies. And the best part of drinking plenty of water is that it can prolong the Botox results you’ll get. Being hydrated means there is less inflammation in your body, which is why your skin will regain its youthful glow. Besides, hydration can support Botox results, allowing you to enjoy those for quite some time.

Make sure you relax and avoid chronic stress

One of the main culprits of wrinkles is stress. It can damage the skin and cause acne breakouts. But at the same time, chronic stress can speed up the breakdown rate for Botox. So, our experts recommend keeping your stress levels low!

Follow a healthy meal plan

It isn’t sufficient to have a Botox treatment to deal with fine lines and wrinkles. What you eat can influence the appearance of your skin. For instance, processed foods can cause inflammation in the body. This can prevent the toxin from relaxing your muscles, which might end up disabling its results. Our experts recommend following a healthy meal plan with plenty of antioxidants and omega three rich foods. It will support your health and keep your skin glowing.

The bottom line

Now that you know what helps Botox last longer, you’re ready to start your journey! Botox in Calgary can get you the desired results with a bit of attention to detail. Just make sure you discuss with your technician both your concerns and expectations!