What are the Different Applications of Centrifuges?


Centrifugation is a process involving the separation of particles from a solution. The separation can differ based on various qualities such as shape, density, size, viscosity of the medium, and rotor speed. A centrifuge is the primary tool used in the centrifugation process.

Benchtop centrifuges are considered one of the most common types of centrifuges used in the market today. Benchtop centrifuges are tabletop and compact centrifuges that are commonly found in research and clinical laboratories. They are also considered a classic and a staple in many laboratories today.

Centrifuges: What are Some of their Applications?

Centrifuges have many applications and uses. However, some of their most notable uses include:

  • Material synthesis (in high gravity environments)
  • Separation of mixtures (with close densities)
  • Separation of wastewater sludge
  • Separation of immiscible liquids
  • Sediment suspended solids
  • Separation of blood
  • Separation of insoluble particle (i.e., insoluble proteins that are found in a protein solution)

Benchtop Centrifuges: What are Some of the Models?

Below are some of the best benchtop centrifuges available in the market and some of their great features:

ROTOFIX 46 | 46 H: Robust Industrial Unit


This type of benchtop centrifuge is often found in industrial and research laboratories. The ROTOFIX 46 H is dependable and robust and can easily withstand intensive usage even if used in the field. It has a heated option of up to +90 degrees Celsius.

ROTANTA 460 | 460 R: Superior Benchtop For Different Uses

This powerful unit can spin high sample volumes of conical tubes, bottles, plates, and blood tubes. Its buckets can also accommodate at least 450 ml blood bags. It can also be used for a temperature range from -20  °C to +40.

ROTINA 420 | 420 R: One Rotor, Many Solutions

This type of benchtop centrifuge is ideal for large sample solutions. The ROTINA 420 has a capacity of 4 x 600 bottles, 16 microliter plates, 140 blood tubes, or 52 x 15 ml conical tubes (all on a single and cost-effective rotor).

UNIVERSAL 320 | 320 R: The Universal Choice

This benchtop centrifuge is versatile, compact, and indispensable. It is also known as a general-purpose centrifuge. It can easily carry out any task that is related to centrifugation such as blood tubes, cell culture, cytology, and microliter.

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