Types of bikes and indication


They include the following: 

Vertical And Horizontal Ergometric

  • Characteristics: involve a cyclical movement with zero impact, progressive load increase, and, because they are stationary, safety. Both work for the same muscle groups. What differentiates them is the position adopted and the fact that, horizontally, the person does not have the help of gravity when pedaling. Most models have training programs already installed and allow you to monitor your heart rate and therefore exercise intensity. They also provide an estimate of caloric expenditure. Depending on the model, there are other peculiarities, such as interaction with paths and even TV.
  • Who they are indicated for: anyone who can exercise? As they allow adjustment of loads, they are also indicated for athletes. In the case of horizontal, they guarantee more excellent stability for the column. In this way, they provide more security to those who present some restrictions due to injuries or mobility in the spine. In addition, horizontal stationary bikes offer more comfort for the elderly and pregnant.


  • Characteristics: this type of bicycle was designed so that athletes and top athletes could continue playing sports at home during the winter or in case of bad weather. It is the model that most resembles outdoor bikes. With a variable resistance belt, the equipment allows you to adjust the intensity of the effort and perform numerous stimuli. In this way, it is possible to replicate variations similar to the different cycling modalities. The practitioner can simulate ascents, descents, and sections with acceleration or even runs against the clock.
  • Points of attention: spinning bikes do not include pre-made programs, like most exercise models. This can be a disadvantage for those who are not very familiar with bikes. In such cases, the prescription of training by a professional is essential. In addition, it is always necessary to pedal with some load. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury.
  • They are indicated: because they are the type of bike most similar to outdoor, they are the most recommended for lovers of cycling and top athletes. However, they can be used by people of all levels, including those who are sedentary.

Types Of Resistance

This is the mechanism behind the movement and control of the pedal intensity. When choosing between mechanical and magnetic resistances for your shop exercise bikes, some aspects must be considered to guide the decision.


  • It is quieter
  • Provides more precision in adjusting the load;
  • Bikes with this type of resistance have a higher cost.


  • It makes more noise when pedaling;
  • It may not be as assertive as the magnetic one in adjusting the load;
  • Demands more care with maintenance;
  • Bikes with mechanical resistance are cheaper.