Things You Should Check Before Buying a Mask


With the recommendations from several health organizations, people wear cloth face covers when they are in public. People wear it to safeguard themselves and the people around them. An FFP2 face mask can help to spread the infection of Covid 19 diseases. It bars the respiratory droplets from travelling into the air and affecting people. Along with social distancing and maintain personal hygiene, wearing a mask is crucial. You can either buy or make your mask at home. However, you should be aware of the fabric you choose. Some are more effective in preventing virus particles than the others available. Today, we would discuss the things that you should consider while buying your mask.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Mask

There are different types of masks available in today’s market. You can choose any of them, but do not forget to consider the following aspects:

  • Should Be Woven Tightly – Choose a fabric that is dense and woven tightly. It will deliver the best protection because the respiratory droplets wouldn’t be able to penetrate inside smoothly. The smaller the holes of the fabric, the fewer chances of anything pass through. While buying masks, check out for fabrics that have high thread count and are woven tightly.
  • Multiple Layer Masks – As the studies done by the experts, it is found that the multiple layered fabrics enhance the effectiveness of filtration of germs and virus particles. Go for masks that have two layers of fabric so that you can strike a perfect balance of breathability and filtration.
  • Best Fit – Fitting is another crucial factor when it comes to face masks. While buying a mask for yourself, check whether the mask snugly fits on your face and covers your nose and mouth. There should be no gaps or open ends. The space between the mask and your face is the spot for the viruses to pass through.
  • Something Is Better Than Nothing – People who have breathing issues might find it uncomfortable while wearing a mask. If you find it hard to breathe in a double-layer woven fabric mask, you can go for a single0layer mask with a lightweight fabric. They may offer less protection level but will be comfortable to wear.

You can check the masks made by the FFP2 mask manufacturer. Apart from viruses, the FFP2 mask keeps 94% of the dust particles away. They have a good filtering ability and are efficient. They are comfortable to wear and can be worn in any place.


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