Skin Whitening Injection- Pros and Cons


Most of the people in the world want to be smart and beautiful and for the same, they focus more on their skin to enhance the complexion, for that they use many beauty products. But, in the present day, Skin Whitening Injection came in the market and one such is the Whithening Injection in “Khon Kaen” (ฉีดผิวขาว ขอนแก่น, which is the term in Thai) that goes through the veins and shows the result in a short time. The Doctors from various institutions claimed that Skin Whitening Injection contains glutathione, vitamin C, Vitamin A, Amino acids and other minerals.

The injection is an alternative for bleach and other beauty products that glow the skin. The glutathione that is the primary element of skin injection goes through the vein and then circulated to the entire body which repairs the damaged cells and glows the skin naturally.

Now you may wonder about the term Glutathione and the answer for the same is provided below.

What is Glutathione?

It is a natural element that is available in the liver and apart from that, glutathione is also found in some fruits and vegetables. The function of this element in the liver is simple, i.e. to remove the toxins. But, if consumed directly through the same, then it won’t give the desired result as compared naturally. This difference ignited the medical institutions thus became the trending topic. However, there is no such white injection that can enhance the complexion and hence disapproved it, said by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) US Agency.

The Drawback of Skin Whitening Injection

As stated earlier, the injection is not approved by the FDA, which means it has some demerits. First and foremost, comes the composition, the chemicals are unknown that may harm the cells and tissue of the body and also rapid detoxification may take place, nausea, headache, and diarrhea are the possible symptoms of side effects of white skin injection.

If got injected then what to do?

The white skin injection is globally in demand and if you used this product more than 600mg in a week and facing the symptoms as mentioned above, then you must consult the doctor immediately.


So, it is quite clear that Whithening Injection in “Khon Kaen” has pros and cons and it is still on the debate. The information of injection is minimal, so it is advised to go through every document carefully before injecting the product and make sure to consult the doctor if necessary.