Paying too much for hair loss treatment? Switch to homeopathy!


It is said that 6 out of 10 people complain about hair problems. Hair fall problems are very common these days. Hair loss can take many forms such as male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, alopecia areata (patchy hair loss), scalp psoriasis, just to name a few. It is important to start the treatment process right at the onset of hair loss through thinning of hair.

Conventional treatment

Before you choose any treatment, any physician will ask you about your diet and lifestyle. If you are someone having a careless routine and consuming all sorts of unhealthy foods then that is the first thing your doctor will suggest stopping. Treatment starts after that and they come in different forms. Various topical creams could be applied directly on the scalp. There are always oral medications available that could assist in hair growth. Most of these medications take a considerable amount of time to show some positive impact. Possible side-effects may include rapid heart rate, reduced sex drive, inflamed scalp, increased risk to prostate cancer and many more.

Other options include laser therapy and hair transplants which have proven to increase the hair density. All the methods mentioned have one thing in common, the expense factor. The surgical procedures, the dietary changes and the long-lasting medications do tend to loosen your purse strings more than expected. Plus, there is no guarantee of success. Save a few bucks and opt for homeopathy.

Why is homeopathy your best bet?

Homeopathy is way more effective than allopathic or ayurvedic medicines with a success rate always above 90%. When it comes to hair growth, there are multiple misconceptions such as homeopathy takes a lot of time to show positive results or that the patient must implement drastic dietary changes in order to let homeopathy work to its full potential. Not true at all. The fact that we are dealing with a chronic condition as opposed to an acute one, changes a few moving parts in the approach.

Hair fall treatment in homeopathy aims at breaking the condition down to certain categories to correctly determine the cause. When it comes to the younger demographic (say up to 25), hair loss greatly attributes to nutritional deficiencies. If we move up to the age group above 30, hair loss is mostly due to hormonal changes. Genetics, particularly in males, play a major contributing factor in hair loss. In addition to that, an inadequate amount of sleep and emotional stress also play a vital role.

The homeopath gauges in all those aspects related to an individual and only then a customized homeopathic medicine for hair growth is prescribed for him/her. No patient is given a “common” remedy no matter what the disease is. The biggest USP of homeopathy is that it presents no side-effects. Countless patients have found relief to their hair fall problems with homeopathy. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it without a second thought.

Bottom line

Hair loss can be a tough pill to swallow but with the right attitude and a little bit of patience, it can totally be treated. Visit a homeopathic hair clinic and do what is being told; it will be alright.