Omicron Infection: How do I know if I am Infected


As the world continues to fight against the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, people are still experiencing changes in health restrictions. Researchers are still working on the vaccines, and other COVID test for USA and other countries since the virus keeps on mutating and creating new variants.

Despite learning to adapt to the changes brought upon by the pandemic, people, most medical experts, still see the virus causing COVID-19 infection as a severe threat. The World Health (Organization) has declared B.1.1.529, commonly known as the Omicron variant, as a variant of concern. This is due to its rapid transmissibility and potential pathogen city.

The Omicron variant was first detected in Botswana in November 2021. According to researchers, this variant of concern contains more than 50 other mutations, including the older Beta and Alpha versions. Moreover, it has been suspected that Omicron could trigger more severe illnesses in victims.

Today, Omicron has spread to more than 110 countries around the world. This variant could be responsible for another outbreak in this year’s epidemic due to its rapid and dramatic increase in positive cases.

Omicron is a more severe threat than the Delta variant and has a higher communicability rate than other variants, resulting in many infections, especially in hospitals. Its symptoms are runny nose and headaches, sore throat, and fatigue. However, these symptoms may not be as severe as those of other variants. However, Omicron’s neutralising antibodies mean that the public should be cautious about this variant. Omicron can still be caught even with booster shots and vaccinations.

If you’re feeling any of its early symptoms, or if any of your family members who just got home from international travel is experiencing some, taking a rapid antigen test or day 2 test is highly suggested alongside self-isolation until recovery.

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