List of Foods and Beverages That Dim and Brighten Your Smile


Teeth staining are a common problem faced by many. The foods and beverages we consume are a top reason that accounts for teeth discolouration. There are several procedures available to restore the teeth damage done. You can either opt for professional whitening methods or use over-the-counter whitening products.

Try safe teeth-whitening products:

When it comes to over-the-counter whitening products, there are several options to choose from and not all are effective and safe. Some brands contain strong chemicals that harm the enamel of our teeth. Consider trying crest teeth whitening strips if you are looking for a safe, effective, and budget-friendly whitening solution.

They are available at Euro White which is a popular retailer in the UK for teeth whitening kits. Their UK teeth whitening products are made from enamel-safe ingredients and guarantee fast and long-lasting results. Apart from trying these whitening kits, avoid foods that are notorious for staining your teeth.

Foods that cause teeth-staining:

Coffee and Tea: The tannins present in coffee and tea causes staining apart from leaving us energized. For the majority, it is difficult to part away with their everyday coffee routine. You can reduce the damage by skipping drinking these beverages using a straw and replacing it with a to-go lid. This reduces the acidic environment created in our mouths.

Soda: Beverages loaded with sugar become a meal for bacteria. The acidic nature of carbonated drinks erodes the enamel of our teeth.

Red and white wine: Sipping on wine after a tiring day can feel relaxing but it interferes with your pearly whites. Both cause yellow stains on our teeth. You can just brush your teeth and use Crest 3D white strips immediately after drinking wine.

Berries: Blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants but cause teeth staining. Instead of removing these super-foods from your diet, consider taking them in the form of a smoothie along with milk and yogurt. Alternatively, you can brush your teeth after having them.

Sweets and candy: Sugar present in both serve as a meal for bacteria which leads to tooth decay. Also, sugar creates an acidic environment resulting in staining. Try to limit sugar intake.

Tomato sauce: The acidic content of Tomato sauce causes teeth staining. To avoid this, you could eat raw vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, or kale before consuming foods containing tomato sauce. These vegetables act as a protective environment for teeth.

The best way of safeguarding your teeth from the unwanted coloration is with the help of the whitening strips.

Foods those help to whiten teeth:

  • Strawberry: The malic acid present in strawberry aids with removing the stains. The results aren’t long-lasting though since malic acid reacts with only the outer layer of enamel.
  • Fibrous fruits: Fruits rich in fibre content like apples, pears boost saliva flow, and remove surface teeth stains. Due to their high sugar content, reduce your intake of fibrous foods and rinse your mouth after consuming them.
  • Nuts: The protein content of nuts strengthens our teeth and protects them. Chewing on it triggers saliva production.
  • Cheese: Cheese increases our mouth’s pH level and reduces the risk of cavities.

If you notice severe discoloration, limit intake of foods that stain your teeth. Practice good oral hygiene and use crest whitening strips for a brighter smile.