Know the reason behind your breast


Breast pain is a common condition among many women that they may feel at one point of time in their life. In some cases, breast pain can be more severe than normal and may indicate some serious diseases.

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What is Mammogram?

When it comes to the examination of the breast, the mammogram is an X-ray test of the breast. It is used to identify and treat breast cancer in women who may have breast problems, such as a lump, discomfort, or nipple discharge, as well as for women who have no breast symptoms.

 Digital mammography provides electronic images of the breasts that can be improved, processed and even remotely distributed by computer technology in cases where direct entry into mammography is essential. The optical mammography technique is the same as a traditional mammogram.

Breast pain is usually easy to handle, but on some occasions, it can show something serious.

Let’s have a look at some of the major causes of tender breasts.

  1. When it comes directly from the chest wall

It could be from your chest wall what looks like breast pain. This is the region of your heart and lungs, muscle, tissue, and bone. In this condition, there could be a different reason for such pain for instance muscle pull, inflammation, etc.

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  1. Hormonal effects over the breasts

 The most important cause of women’s breast pain is hormone changes. Three to five days before menstrual, breasts get agitated and stop suffering after a menstrual starting. That is because of a rise in estrogen and progesterone just before the turn. These hormones will enlarge your breasts and result in discomfort.

  1. Due to breast infection

Breast infection is common in women who are likely to feed their children. While such conditions are well clarified by the pain and swelling in the breasts.

  1. A painful breast cyst

If your breast unexpectedly reveals a tender lump, you might have a cyst. These are not harmful and sometimes need to be treated because the fluid-filled lumps will settle themselves for a long time.

However, a physician at the mammography Centre in Delhi NCR must examine every lump in your breast.

  1. A sign of breast cancer

It is rare, but not uncommon, for breast cancer to cause discomfort. Breast cancer causes pain sometimes but is rare. Symptoms of this disease arise unexpectedly and rapidly.


While mammography is the examination technique based on radiography. You may want to talk about the amount of radiation used during the process and about the dangers involved with your case.

It is a smart idea to record records of exposure to radiation, such as eye scans and other forms of X-rays, to notify the health professional.

The total number of radiation checks and/or therapies over a long time may be related to hazards associated with exposure to radiation.  You can avail of services of the best Hospital for Mammography.