We all know that water is a critical necessity to live. There is no replacement or supplement for water. At times we could take water for granted. This becomes really true when you look around and you can’t find any fresh drinking water. Being thirsty is no fun. Have you ever experienced extreme thirst before? Looking at the 300-gallon water storage tank that was close to my home the other day, I could help but ask my self “Is it safe to leave water for years in a 300-gallon water storage tank?”

The solution to the question

The amount of time clean fresh water can be stored safely depends on a lot of factors. It would help if you looked at the water’s purity level; you should check how you’re storing the water. Having water that is clean and left inside an open cup would go bad rapidly because it would quickly get contaminated. No one likes drinking contaminated water because that means there are foreign bodies in your drinking water.

Contamination of open water occurs in about one to three days. Drinking water that is stored in sealed containers could last up to six months or longer, perhaps. It could be a great idea to add a tiny amount of chlorine bleach. This is important to clean the water. Make are you don’t use bleach that has scents or fresheners. That’s not good for your health in any way.

Let me give an estimation of the amount of time spotless water becomes bad

If you store water in an open cup, it goes wrong in one to three days. If you seal the container of fresh water, it could stay for a year. But make sure you check it regularly.

If you store purified water inside a sealed food-grade container, it can stay for about two years.

What if I store my water? Would it get contaminated?

If you store your water correctly, it will not spoil. The rate at which it would get contaminated would be by things entering inside your stored water. In theory, your water could stay forever if you store and seal it so bacteria and several other germs would not get inside and make it go not good.

Let me help you clear something with haste. Water itself, like natural water, doesn’t go rancid. It never does. The only way it could spoil or have an unpleasant smell is when something enters inside, or something grows inside. These things that grow include algae and other pathogens.

How to store water for a long while to stop it from spoiling or going bad.

FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency) has recommended saving tap water in a spotless plastic glass, fiberglass containers, enameled metals. Once you fill your containers, make sure you store them in a dark, Cool sealed location. The same thing should go for your 300-gallon water storage tank too.

How to know when your water has gone bad

Keep your eyes out for water with a murky, strange smell. It could develop strange colors. The color could be green because algae growth has started. It could have dirt floating on it which would tell you that it is contaminated. The best thing to do when this is happening is to throw the water away, clean your 300-gallon water storage tank and refill it with spotless water.

Would you get sick from ancient drinking water

You would not get sick from drinking old clean water. Why, all the water that’s available on planet earth has been the same. It just gets purified by nature to become fresh and new water.

The only time you should not drink old water is because of pathogens, algae, and bacteria available inside the water.

Getting sick from drinking old water highly depends on where the water has been, if it is clean or if it is not fresh anymore.

If, for example, you drink water that has been open in an open cup for days, the chances of you getting sick would be high. But if you drink purified water that has been sealed for years, the chances of you getting sick are pretty low.

So if you want to leave water for years in a 300-gallon water storage tank, make sure the water you store is spotless, it is a dark-colored 300-gallon water storage tank, and the tank is available in a safe, calm place.