Innocent habits that are endangering your heart


Heart plays the vital role of pumping blood around the body. But when was the last time that you paid heed to the health of your heart?

Things harming your heart

Relevant especially for the young people is the blatant disregard for heart health. Not only do many people not care for what they eat, gobbling down fat and sugar as if it’s their civic duty, but they do not exercise either. 

Worse yet is the cavalier attitude of the people who have chronic ailments like diabetes and strong family history of heart disease. All these factors increase the risk of heart disease, heart attack, hypertension, that then has them scrambling to set an appointment with the best Cardiologist in Lahore

In the midst of the more obvious risk factors for heart disease are some risk factors that might catch you off guard, as you do not realize their significance for the health of your heart. 


Generally, snoring is considered a nuisance at best, and that too when you have people around you as you sleep. 

This assumption is also not always correct. Snoring might also be a sign of impaired heart health. There is a connection between snoring and thickening of the carotid artery, which may lead to heart disease, if risk factors are not addressed. 

Thus, if you have started experiencing snoring, you should visit a doctor for treatment. 

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables 

Many people think that just because they are not eating fried food, or are not indulging in cheesy and sugary content, they are doing themselves a favor. This is not a holistic approach to the matter. 

Not eating sufficient fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients that are good for your physical health, especially your heart, is also counterproductive. 

Therefore, while it’s great that you do not eat unhealthy food, but also make sure to eat healthy foods!

Keeping everything bottled up 

We have all been not wearing our emotions on our sleeves. Being stoic is okay, rather, it is perceived in a positive light, as it is supposed to be a sign of being distinguished. Emotions are for the commoners, and men especially are unemotional. 

However, this bottling up is not only unhealthy, but also is not good for your heart either. Being stressed and anxious all the time, especially without addressing these issues, has grave implications for your heart. 

So, do not make light of depression in your life. Seek social support, as it helps remedy the stress. Laughter therapy is another effective mechanism. Moreover, therapy and counseling are also extremely helpful in battling stress. 

You like to watch TV and chill 

Binge watching shows, especially during vacation and breaks, is guilty pleasure for most of us. However, this Netflix and chill fest is not as innocuous as it may seem to you. 

According to research conducted in the USA, people who watch more than 4 hours of television a day are 50% more likely to suffer from heart disease. The risk of premature death is also higher amongst people who excessively indulge in television. 

Too young to worry

Many youngsters work under the assumption that since they are not old enough, they can get away with eating anything they like. Exercise similarly is not the priority. 

However, this assumption is not a correct one. Heart disease is not just specific to the senior citizens. Middle aged people can still suffer from heart problems. Moreover, blood pressure, cholesterol problems etc. can start in the early age, and manifest in the form of disease later on as well.

Therefore, do not bank on your age. Always take care of your heart by eating well and exercising. 

You like to eat red meat

Whether it be juicy steaks, or prime ribs, meat is admittedly delicious. But when indulged in everyday, it is not good for your heart. Red meat is rich in LDL cholesterol, which is the ‘bad’ cholesterol. 

It then causes the vessels to become clogged, your blood supply is impaired, and there is also the danger of heart attack.

Therefore, it is suggested that you tone down on the red meat. Either occasionally indulge in red meat or cut back altogether. 

Drinking too much 

Most people are aware of the damage that too much alcohol has on the liver. But drinking is not all that great for your heart either. Drinking more than one glass leads to increased levels of fats in the blood, that then causes hypertension as well. 

Therefore, it is best that you do not drink, period. But if you do, then at least cut back on the drinks. 

Not enough sunshine 

Sun is an important source of vitamin-D. A vital vitamin, the deficiency of this nutrient is not just bad for the bones, but also not heart as well. 

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, make sure to get adequate sunshine, to get your heart going. 


It is an established fact that cigarettes are bad for the heart, but not many people are aware of the danger of vaping. 

People perceive vapes to be not just fashionable, but also, harmless. However, vaping is also bad for your health. It leads to lung problems like COPD and asthma. 

Vaping also causes constriction in the arteries, and therefore increases the risk of heart attack, as your Cardiologist in Karachi would also tell you. Thus, if you have to live a long and healthy life, pay attention to the seemingly innocent, but definitely harmful, things for your heart.