Hush-Kush vape case


Have been looking for a way to store your cannabis in a condition where it neither loses its flavor nor its potency? Good, you landed on the right place, we are here to ensure your cannabis is secure and maintains its original smell and quality while on storage.

Storing cannabis has become hard recently more than even obtaining it. Hush-Kush vape case the ideal pouches for storing your cannabis is made in Canada with Perma-B technology. Hush Kush come up Hush-Kush vape case that could keep joints, vapes, half lit joints, as well as dried weed flowers intact and flavorful. 

The collection were designed to be smell proof, waterproof, biodegradable and reusable. They are compact, lightweight and can be carried around easily. Being good as pre-roll storage, the colorful Hush-Kush vape case also will add style to your routine. Hush-Kush vape case collection are smell proof, discreet and size adjustable. These vape cases are made of genuine leather and are designed to protect cannabis you wish to carry around discretely. To get assured other quality of these cases, you should have a look at the benefits offered by cases at Hush Kush.

  • Smell Proof

It’s taken care that the insides of every single Hush-Kush case is coated with beeswax that makes these case entirely smell proof. Besides, they are made with the Perma B technology that makes them 100% moisture resistant too.

  • These Pouches are Spacious

These cases are able to carry single joint and even an entire bundle of 5 and moreso yo can make them smaller since they are customizable

  • These cases are Portable

. You can fit them in the pocket of your jeans and they’ll take very little space in your bag too. 

  •  Eco-friendly.

Hush-Kush vape case are made with proper measures to ensure that their products do not harm the environment the reason why their products are biodegradable. 

  • Durability

The vape cases made at Hush Kush are fabricated with pure leather using state of art technology and are hand customized too. 

  • Re-usable and washable

This means following the basic washing rule (turn the case inside out and use tap water to clean them) you can reuse them. They can take a year without losing their features like smell and water resistance. Which means, they are extremely economical too. 

  • Extremely economical

Their ability to be washed and re-used makes the very economical

All in all, the Hush-Kush vape case are one of the best cannabis pouches that you’ll ever find.