Some people have genes that don’t let them grow fat, even if they eat a burger every day. Whereas some gain flesh just by eating a simple porridge. 

The former set of people may be in good shape, but they may not be fit and healthy. Whereas, you are healthy with that extra flab.

Staying in shape does not only mean having a great body. It includes your fitness and your health too. 

Keeping fit and staying in shape is a lifestyle choice that you make every day. More than anything, you need consistent efforts to see the desired results.

You don’t have to starve yourself to attain that sculpted body. A good exercise regime, a healthy diet and a positive attitude will do the magic.

And, I repeat, consistency is the key. You may start on a high note with some healthy eating habits and great exercises, but if you don’t continue with your efforts, they will disappoint you. Successful entrepreneurs like Ali Ghani Calgary consistently prioritize their fitness along with their business.

Here are a few tips for you to stay in shape without dieting or hitting a gym.

Don’t skip meals and starve. You thought eating less will help you avoid putting on that extra flesh. But, you got it wrong! You may or may not shed a few pounds by saying no to food, but a crash diet can adversely affect your overall health and fitness in the long run. Healthy people don’t diet. They eat healthy food all the time. Eating that way will keep you energized and motivated for your regular exercise regime, which will eventually bring you in shape.

Whenever possible, Walk. Skip the urge of jumping on your car every time and try to walk to the supermarket, your friend’s house or your office if they are not located very far from your residence. Walking is the most natural form of exercise. It does all that you try to achieve from cardio set up in the gym. Walking helps you burn calories and stay in shape. It also strengthens your joints and pumps oxygenated blood in your body. You may not get quick results by walking, but it will make you calm, release your anxiety and maintain your mental and physical health.

Take out time for your hobby or your favourite sport. Play tennis, badminton, put on your skates on weekends, or dance for 30 minutes. Do a physical activity that interests you. Ali Ghani Edmonton, an entrepreneur and investor, spends his time travelling, meeting, and working late nights. And, keeps his body fit and in shape through running and working out. There are multi-benefits of pursuing your hobby. It will burn your calories, keep you healthy and fit, tone your body and above all keep you happy. A mundane gym routine might make you discontinue it after some time. Your favourite sport won’t.

Most importantly, sleep well. Being fit and in shape isn’t only about working out. It is much more about a good night’s sleep because sleep repairs your body cells, and gives you the energy to work out every day. It regulates your metabolism and boosts your athletic performance.

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Deepti is a young and enthusiastic writer who is currently pursuing PGPM from ICFAI Business School. Along with this, she is a freelance content writer who thinks pen has the power to change the world.