How to keep up with exercise? 


Since most of us are in our houses locked down, we must keep up with it. Exercising is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Experts advise exercising regularly to ensure the best of health. If you do not know any medical health professional, you might get in touch with physiotherapists who can be of great help. 

Your physiotherapist may help you find out ways through which you can keep up with the exercises. You may not feel the zeal to get up and exercise, but you must do. Some of the prominent tips you should follow to keep up with the exercise include the following

Set up goals

It is extremely necessary to set the right goals. The end-to-end goals from the beginning can be of great help in determining the best. The best way to keep yourself motivated to exercise is to set goals for yourself. The goals may vary from person to person. But if it is important to you, you must work to achieve it. 

Start small

If you are not into exercise, you may prefer taking baby steps and starting small. You need to follow 150 minutes of exercise every week as per the schedule of The World Health Organization. You must start from 50 minutes each week to that of 150 minutes per week. It is necessary to make your body habituated to practicing. Rather than tiring yourself, you need to work towards tolerating yourself to ensure the best. 

Don’t push yourself too much.

If you are just starting up, you mustn’t push yourself much. This is, however, applicable to others as well. If you have a particular aim, you need to work towards it pretty slow. This can play an important role in helping your body adjust to the changing schedule. You need to proceed accordingly to ensure the best. 

Track your progress

Experts at clinique physiotherapie Careaxis suggest that with each passing week, you need to keep track of your progress. Keeping track of your progress will eventually be of great help in exercising and finding what’s best for you. This will further be of help to modify your goals. Apart from running, you also need to keep a check of weight lifting. 

Before starting your exercise, you need to ensure that you warm-up and stretch up properly. 

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