How to Help People Who Don’t Have Access to Clean Drinking Water and the Value of the Big Berkey Filter


There are millions of people around the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water. Due to their location or poor facilities, these people have no means of getting clean water. Even their governments don’t seem to care. Worse, due to the threats of global warming, some places suffer from worse conditions. Natural disasters like wildfires, heavy flooding, and drought make it more difficult for them to have sufficient water supply. If you feel concerned about their situation, you can do something about it. You can start by donating a Big Berkey filter. You can help people who only have dirty water sources in the area to clean them before consumption. Given how effective it is in filtering bacteria and dirt from water, it would be great for areas without access to clean drinking water. There apart from donating a water filter, there are other things you can do to help.

Make your government take action 

You can take steps, but it might not be huge enough. Forcing the government to take action would be more meaningful. The government has huge funds and can do something to help those in need. Even governments from developed nations can allocate funds to help developing countries with communities without clean drinking water. Sure, it’s not the priority, but we’re all human beings. We have a responsibility to make everyone’s lives slightly better. Having clean drinking water is a human right, and we ought to give it to everyone.

Donate to non-government organizations

You can also redirect your support to non-government organizations. They can do more and provide direct help to those in need. You’re also certain that they will use the funds appropriately. Look for organizations with a clean record and a good reputation for helping others. Some of them have projects that extend help to others for several years now. When given more funds, they can go even further. These organizations help build infrastructure to improve water facilities.

Be mindful of your water consumption

If you can’t help financially, there are still a few things you can do. Since all human beings are interconnected, your actions could have an impact on the lives of others. If you’re not responsible for using your water sources, it could deprive others of the chance to access clean water. Learn how to conserve water. Turn your water sources when not in use. Don’t be excessive in using clean water. Always remind yourself that you’re lucky to have access that many others don’t. The least you can do is help more mindful of how you use water at home or elsewhere.

Support environmental conservation efforts

The scarcity of water in some areas is a result of environmental problems. For instance, when an area gets flooded, the people living there wouldn’t have access to clean water for weeks or longer. Areas that suffer from drought also experience the same thing. These natural disasters happen because of the lack of concern for the environment. Therefore, it pays if you support causes that promote environmental conservation. You can also be an environmental activist and use whatever platform you have to promote these causes. You want more people to realize that some segments of society can’t drink clean water because of our environmental problems. While it’s tragic, it’s not yet late. We can do something about it. Spreading information and raising awareness is an excellent start.

You also have to change your ways if you want to promote environmental awareness. You can’t tell people to do one thing while you do the reverse. When you want to promote the responsible use of the area sources, you should also follow it. If you want people to recycle and segregate trash properly, you should do the same. Otherwise, there’s no point in what you’re trying to promote. It would be hypocritical of you, and no one will believe you.

Vote the right people in the office

If you can’t convince your government to do the right thing, you can at least replace your leaders. If they’re not doing their share, you might as well let them go. Environmental issues aren’t usually a priority for many leaders, except those who live in areas that already feel nature’s wrath. Make these people realize that if they don’t get their act together and help out, they could be out of office. Apart from leaders who seem apathetic, we can’t tolerate those who deny the existence of climate change in the first place. They don’t deserve to hold public office. Their rhetoric could put people in danger, especially if the statements are against what science stands for.

It might be a daunting task to replace people who are against climate science, especially if they have a populist message. Despite that, you have to keep pushing. It’s easy to be lazy and do nothing about climate issues, but it isn’t easy to be a grown-up and take responsibility. If you decide to give up the fight, you will be okay. However, the ones who are already suffering will continue losing their voices. Each time you feel hopeless, you can think about those who need you and the people who believe in the same cause.

Be hopeful

We can’t drastically change the reality right now, but we can do a few steps to help. We need to do as much as we can to help since some people are in a dire situation. Those who lost access to clean water are currently ill or are even on the verge of dying. Lack of access to water could lead to dehydration that could be fatal. If we don’t extend help now, it would be too late for some. The good thing is that many people care, and you can be one of them. Share the message and inspire others to do whatever they can to help. It’s not yet late.