How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Using Massage?


Many times, due to neck pain, it gets impossible to do anything at all. As per medical information, neck pain is caused not because of any underlying disease. To name a few very common causes that lead to neck pain includes stress, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, straining, chiropractic manipulation, or even something like wearing a heavy necklace.

There are situations when an individual has a stiff neck where they feel discomfort in moving or are unable to turn their head without facing pain.

The neck pain varies in severity. If the symptoms of neck pain prolongs for too long then it is very important to seek medical attention before it worsens. However, if your neck pain is not extremely painful, then you can get a neck massage. Again, it is important for a person who knows massage professionally should be hired as getting it done from a non-expert might even cause more pain. The neck massage needs to be done in a particular way. It is important that there is no jerk or extreme movement that hurts the individual getting the massage done. Getting a massage done is definitely a safe treatment but some people experience increased neck soreness or even swelling right after a neck massage. These pains do not last too long in most cases.

The few steps involved in a neck massage include placing the recipient in a comfortable position and stroking them with light strokes. It is important to warm the muscle in the neck region and that can be done using fingertips. The best way to massage the neck is by kneading the fingertips into tense muscles and gliding the fingers up and down. 

Pinching along the back of the neck should be performed very gently and very lightly pressure should be applied on the shoulder blades using the heel of the palm. Instead of massaging the collar bone directly, massage the region right below carefully and lightly. It should be ensured that the bones of the recipient should not be pressed as it can cause immense pain. There is no time limit as such when giving a neck massage and it only depends till when the massage is necessary. It is to be noted that without a warm-up, one should not rush into a neck massage and it can be very painful.

There are some tricks like a good neck massage that can help you get rid of the neck pain but what matters is how it is performed. It should not be hurried or done in haste as it can lead to severe damage as well.

If you witness neck pain, it is always better to rule it out by getting it checked by a doctor. It is quite possible that neck pain is also a symptom of many possible diseases like degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, and many more so it is always advised to get it checked from a professional.

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