How to Find the Right Benchtop Centrifuges: Factors to Consider


Bench centrifuges can be found in any laboratory, but despite their widespread use, lab managers face challenges when purchasing new centrifuges for their facilities. This isn’t surprising given the vast array of options currently on the market.

So, how do you narrow down your options in order to find benchtop centrifuges that are best suited to your lab?

Prioritize G-Force.

When marketing and selling centrifuges, RPMs have traditionally been the focal point of attention. While RPMs are a factor to consider, the amount of G-force it generates differs from machine to machine. .

Instead, when choosing your next centrifuge, make G-Force (Relative centrifugal force) your primary consideration. Regardless of brand or models, G-Force is a more precise specification to match your requirement.

Consider the amount of space you have available.

Another critical factor to consider when selecting a centrifuge is the available space in your lab.

Sure, it may be tempting to select a piece of equipment with all the luxury features attached to it, but if you don’t have the floor space to accommodate it, it won’t be much help.

There are numerous benchtop centrifuges options that can still provide adequate power and speed without taking up too much space.


Look for options that give you flexibility.

Your lab partners and coworkers will almost certainly require the use of the new centrifuge, which means you must consider more than just your own personal requirements.

As a result, look for centrifuge with a wider range of rotors that can be easily swapped out, as well as those that can accept different tube sizes. This will allow you to meet a broader range of needs in your laboratory.

Select centrifuges with simple controls.

Why make things more difficult than they need to be? You shouldn’t have to spend too much time learning how to use your, say veterinary centrifuge — it’s likely that you’ll need to start using it as soon as you buy it and receive it.

As a result, choose a centrifuge known for providing more intuitive operational control, such as control panels with easily navigable interfaces, to make life easier for yourself and the rest of your lab staff.

Seek help.

Other industry resources, such as online selection guides, can assist you in making your decisions. Fill in the blanks with the details of what you’re looking for, and these guides will present you with some options that match your search criteria!

These are just a few things to consider when buying a new centrifuge.