How To Build A Models Fitness Body


How to train, how to eat, motivate and track your progress to get a body shape of a fitness model? Here are the seven tips to help women achieve their goals.   

What are your goals? The fitness model is characterized by nicely built arms, shaped legs and raised, round buttocks and a flat, but outlined belly. And it does not matter whether our goal leading to obtaining such a body will be building muscle tissue or fat reduction. The key to metamorphosis will be properly selected strength training and diet. these are the ways and this is how you pursue a career in fitness modelling 

Currently, less and less, but from time to time there are fears that strength training will make a woman a bodybuilder. However, this is not true, muscle building is not so simple and fast. A woman will not become big and coarse either. The muscles are here to transform a soft and flabby body into a firm and shapely. With a well-chosen training plan, surefire success is provided, of course, that there will also be commitment and diligence on the card.

Here are the tips:

Don’t overdo it with cardio

Women often equate a visit to the gym with hours on cardio machines. Gentlemen on barbells, ladies on cardio. And in fact, it is strength training that has more to say here. If a woman does not have too much fat, there is no reason for her to focus on cardio. If we care about him, let it be an addition to strength training, e.g. short intervals of 1-2x a week.

Eat more

Another mistake made by women while shaping their body (i.e. building muscles) is eating too little food. Eating only salads will not build a firm figure. To do this, you need to consume more calories than our zero balance. Often the problem is eating the right amount of protein, so you can think of a portion of protein supplement as an alternative to meat and eggs – but not too often.

Increase weight

Dear ladies, do not be afraid to go beyond the range of 12-15 reps. You can easily reduce this number and get as much, or maybe more, energy expenditure. By doing 5-8 reps you will be able to reach for greater weight. Thanks to this, your muscles will receive a new stimulus and will develop better. It will also be a great satisfaction for you to see how you become stronger.

Schedule a workout

A training plan is a very good thing. It will allow order and regularity. It is also worth keeping a diary, whether in a notebook or on a computer, e.g. on a forum or blog, so that you can later go back and see what tools, exercises did affect us or what progress we have made over a given period.

If the goals are clear, then there is no point going to the gym and doing freestyle. The number of sets and repetitions, the length of breaks between sets, assumptions related to progression, are all elements that can accelerate your form.

Engage your muscles properly

Performing an exercise is not just the same movement as in the movie or at a friend’s. Conscious movement, posture control and conscious stretching of working muscles are very important. Waving unknowingly will not make progress. Exercising properly, with focus and precision, we will get the effect.

Monitor your progress

These can be photos or measurements, which in later periods will be a great tool to compare and evaluate what progress we have made. It often seems to us that there is a lack of progress, nothing changes and only a combination of photos, old and current, can show us that we are wrong, but the progress is still there.

Do not give up

Progress will not be visible overnight. Work on the figure takes time. Therefore, be patient, do not be discouraged, just work. Body change can take a long time, but if you want it, it’s worth the effort.

Finally, it is necessary to mention once again that consistency in action, patience, and trust in the process is the key to success.