Common Breast Development Options And What Can You Do


When it comes to breasts in women, there are some differences such as slightly different size, position or shape, which are completely normal. Those differences are so subtle, that they are only noticeable to the woman herself. But, there are more obvious breast development problems that can make a woman insecure and with low self-esteem, so they can consider some surgical procedures.

Normal breast development

Did you know that breast development starts before birth? A baby will develop nipples and milk duct openings. Girls in puberty will have breast buds which will later develop into mammary tissue. That is the time when breasts will start to protrude, while areolas will get darker.

During the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause it is normal that breasts go through changes. After menopause, the connective tissue in the breasts will lose its elasticity and shape, due to a lack of hormone estrogen.

Problems in breast development

  • Overdevelopment

The breast can be developed to be overly large-sized, and that is also known as the hypertrophy of breasts. The medical name is gigantomastia or macromastia, which refers to abnormally large breasts.

Women who have these kinds of breasts can suffer from chronic pain in shoulders, back, and neck, while the skin underneath the breasts can become sore or be infected due to friction and sweat. In these cases, the best option is to undergo a breast reduction at Breast & Body Clinic, which will give you desirable results fast and in the long run.

You can reduce your breast size with breast reduction procedure

Some of the possible treatments can be hormonal therapy, where the doctor will give you progesterone, testosterone or tamoxifen. It will be best to consult with the doctor and decide which therapy is for you.

  • Underdevelopment

There are also women whose breasts tissue is not completely developed. There are different causes for this kind of breast but it is usually genetics. Also, Poland’s syndrome is quite common.

 In this case, there are no breast buds, just a small portion of the tissue on which the nipple is located. This syndrome is related to the underdeveloped pectoralis muscle, which can cause other breast muscles to be underdeveloped.

Before women were trying to enlarge their breast with some natural remedies, such as fennel and fenugreek, but there is no good evidence that these natural methods are really working.

Breast augmentation is a best solution for undeveloped breasts

So, women are usually undergoing breast augmentation surgery, and while some of them already have implants for a long time they should do breast revision and the best technique in breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic can give you implants, with a new shape and size if you wish.

Final word

As these problems with breasts are very hard to change with some treatments and remedies, the best solution will be surgery. After the surgery, you will gain nice shaped breasts that will be in balance with your body.