A Simple Guide to Understand Plasmolifting PRP Procedure for Cosmetic Therapy


We all want to get back to the energy levels, skin texture, and beautiful hair we once had when we were young. We try to follow a disciplined life, a balanced diet and use various hair and skin products to maintain the same. Even after a strict routine, signs of age progression do show up and we have no idea how to reverse that. 

Well, the good news is that we can look up our bodies for the restoration of many of the aging signs. The platelets present in our blood contain multiple growth factors and enzymes that can trigger tissue regeneration and synthesis of new blood vessels to promote faster healing and to get back the original skin texture and elasticity. It can also promote hair growth if targeted effectively. 

To perform this procedure, blood is collected from the patient in test tubes containing a thixotropic gel which when introduced in the centrifuge machine separates other blood components and provides platelet-rich plasma. If you are looking for offers to buy PRP tubes for sale in Deutschland, you can visit Dr. Renat Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies. Their PRP equipment is certified and of medical-grade quality to help you in achieving great results with the plasmolifting procedure. 

What is plasmolifting PRP therapy?

It is a very widely used form of therapy in many fields of medicine including cosmetology, maxillofacial surgeries, orthopedics, urology, and many others. 

PRP therapy is also known as self-blood therapy and it refers to the injection of a patient’s autologous plasma. The area where this plasma-rich platelet (PRP) is injected immediately responds by stimulating cell renewal and tissue regeneration factors to allow for restoration and strengthening of the surrounding tissues. 

The various benefits of using plasmolifting therapy are:

  • It is a very safe, minimally invasive, and non-surgical procedure. 
  • The entire procedure requires minimal equipment mostly used to extract blood from the patient, run it in a centrifuge machine, and inject the plasma into the subcutaneous or intradermal layers of the patient.
  • The post-procedure recovery time is short and you can get back to work within 2-3 days. 
  • It can be used with other procedures used in cosmetology to get desired results faster. 
  • The application of plasmolifting is vast and not just limited to aesthetic correction. 
  • The risks of allergies and other reactions are low as you are injecting the patient’s blood and not donor blood cell components. 
  • The result achieved from even 1 session of plasmolifting is quite noticeable. 

The total procedure typically needs 45 minutes. Every plasmolifting procedure is carried out in 4 sessions which are usually planned at intervals of 10 days each. You can expect to see 30-40% effectiveness of the PRP therapy after the first injection itself. Depending upon different patient factors, the overall effect that we can achieve after the complete therapy is about 60-80%. 

There are very few contraindications to this procedure and should not be performed in people having known allergies to heparin, or those having any form of bleeding disorders. Patients with malignant neoplasms are also refrained from undergoing such types of procedures. Transfusion risk is negligible as the procedure does not involve donor blood cells.

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