9 amazing reasons to eat bananas


Have you ever wondered about the different ways to eat bananas? Are you confused as to which dish is healthier or tastier? Did you know that the plant derives its name from the Indian words, “banana” and “banyan”? If you want to learn about the different healthy foods that you can eat, here are some suggestions:

Health Reasons

The healthiest way to eat a banana is by eating it slice from the banana without the skin. If you want a creamier taste or would like to eat the fruit whole, then you can add some sugar or honey. To avoid the fiber that can build up on the fruit, you can mash it. If you have no time to make it yourself, you can purchase bananas at the store.

Make a Banana Cake

First of all, you need to prepare a banana. It doesn’t have to be fresh. You can use canned fruit in place of fresh ones, if you want to eat a healthier alternative. You can also substitute half of the oil with vegetable oil or honey if you don’t want to cook the cake.

Use Bananas to Clean Your Mouth: You can also use bananas to clean your mouth. Just take a slice of the banana, put it in your mouth and chew it thoroughly. It will help to clean your sinuses. However, this is not recommended when you have oral surgery, asthma or allergies.

Use Bananas to Make an Island Cake: You can also use bananas to make an island cake. What you need to do is to take two or three bananas and mash them into a pulp. Then, you can spread some butter on them and place them on the flat surfaces of the cake (the ones that don’t have any sugary toppings). Then, you can spread some more butter on top and put it into the oven at 350F for about 25 minutes until it is baked.

How to Eat Bananas – Different Ways to Eat Bananas These days, there are so many different ways to eat bananas. Now, that you know how they are used, you can create your own ways to eat them. In fact, you can make them as a snack before you go to bed. You can spread some on a slice of toast or eat them with your oatmeal for breakfast. You can also freeze them and take them with you on a camping trip. The thing is that these little guys are so versatile, you will be able to come up with a lot of ways to eat them.

Banners are made from banana slices. If you want to know how to eat a banana, all you have to do is peel off the skin. Now, there is nothing wrong about eating a banana when it is cold or if it is ripe. However, if you want to be healthy, it is a much better idea to make sure you eat them when they are ripe.

Here are 9 amazing ways you can eat a banana.

  1. With toast and Nutella and peanut butter.
  2. With cereal mixed with oats.
  3. Mashed with avocados.
  4. Make bananaice cream.
  5. Top it with Fruit salad.
  6. Just eat it on its ow
  7. Make a banana sandwich
  8. Put it in a blender
  9. Top it with sugar

Bananas are one of those superfoods that everyone should try because they’re not only good for you but very tasty as well. However, many people have no idea how to prepare a banana salad in their own homes because they’re intimidated by the taste. The good news is that there are several ways to make a healthy version of the traditional treat without having to make substitutions like using cream cheese for the cheese. There are also many recipes available online that using ingredients commonly found at your average grocery store, and they are easy to follow and won’t take much time at all.

One of the easiest and healthiest ways to make a salad out of bananas is to simply throw all of the pieces into a large bowl and mix them together. The great thing about this eco-friendly version is that you can eat it right from the bowl without having to wash a single dish. To make it even tastier, add some shredded carrots, radishes, cucumbers, celery, an onion, and any other vegetables or fruits you want. You can also throw in a dollop of reduced fat sour cream or reduced-calorie milk.

Making a healthy version of banana bread is very easy to do, as long as you’re not trying to overcook it. All you need is some breading spray, a knife, and about two to three pounds of bananas. Just spray the bananas with the spray before putting them into the food processor or blender, and then start chopping them up until they are the size of small dice. Once you’re done, simply put them into your cookie sheet and spoon some of the breading spray over each piece. Bake them until they are golden brown and delicious, and then serve them with a healthy salad for an eco-friendly meal!