8 Precautions to Take to Enjoy Your Eyelash Extensions for a Maximum Length of Time


When you look at a face, you inevitably look first at its eyes. In that case, if eyes look good, the person can create a great first impression.

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Whether it’s a job interview or the first date, your eyes should look beautiful and a simple solution for this is eyelash extensions like the ones at Fancy Lash.

These little goodies eliminate your need of eye makeup and last from as many as six to eight weeks. You just need to take care of them.

Don’t worry! Eyelash extensions don’t require too much of maintenance and care. However, a basic upkeep is essential in order to make them last longer and give your eyes the desired look.

1. Keep Away from Water for the First 24 Hours

Glue is applied to set the eyelash extensions on your lashes. If the glue comes in contact with water, it won’t set. Therefore keep away from water for at least the initial 24 hours.

If you want to cleanse the face, clean only the area around the eyes.

2. Keep Away from Oil-based Products

Just like water, oil too breaks down the glue used to keep the lashes held up. Therefore you should avoid oil-based cleansers, makeup products and makeup removers.

Whenever you want to remove makeup, do that with an oil-free makeup remover.

3. Keep Away from Waterproof Eye Products

Any waterproof product is indeed tough to get removed. It typically takes a powerful oil cleanser and a good amount of rubbing to get off.

Professional makeup artists advise that you should not even use a liner or mascara when you’re wearing your volume lash extensions at Fancy Lash.

However, if you still want to wear them, it’s better to choose non-waterproof so that they can be easily removed.

4. Consider Not Curling

Curling will bring a bend that won’t go away. If at all, you want to curl your lashes with a lash curler, it’s better to give a very light pulse and not a big squeeze.

5. Groom Infrequently

A rule of thumb is to just brush them out when required as advised by eyelash experts. Experts advise to curl lashes only with an eyelash comb.

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6. Never Pull or Pick Your Lashes

It’s important to resist the temptation of playing with your lash extensions all through the day or while cleansing.

Playing with the lash extensions not only can remove your extensions, but can also damage your natural lashes.

7. Keep Away from Smoking

You should keep away from smoking for keeping away from lighting a cigarette on your stove top, toaster or lighter.

Besides being a good thing to do for your health, it will save your false lashes from getting frazzled or singed on the ends.

8. Control Oil on Face

Some people have extremely oily skin. If you are such a person, try to control the oil as much as you can with mattifying lotions, blotting paper etc. and by applying oil-control moisturiser.

If you take the above precautions, you can enjoy your eyelash extensions for a maximum length of time and the beauty they offer.