4 Tips for Selecting Aging in Place Furniture


As people age, their loved ones have a decision to make — if the individual can live on his or her own. Often, this is a decision to reevaluate frequently. For people who can age in their own home, possibly with the assistance of a nurse or aid, it’s important to consider aging in place furniture. These furnishings need to be safe for the person’s loved one. 

Consider an Overbed Table System

An overbed table system provides one’s loved one with an area to conveniently place items within his or her reach. It’s much more convenient than storing items under the bed since these are often difficult to get to for an older individual. It’s possible to find one with storage drawers and shelving. A person may find an overhead table that has a power outlet or USB port, which is convenient for tablet usage, keeping a cell phone near and charged, and even an extra light. Additionally, an overbed table can act as a place for mealtime for individuals who aren’t able to get up for each meal. Some tables come with the option of lighting, so a person can use the table to see to read, do puzzles, crochet, or whatever it is a loved one enjoys doing. 

Remove Rugs 

Throw rugs may enhance the appeal of a room. However, for an individual who can’t walk well or has issues with seeing, a throw rug is a hazard. Ultimately, a person should remove all throw rugs. However, if the individual insists on keeping them, a person may want to consider using double-sided tape and securing the rug to the floor. It’s important to tape the edges to prevent tripping.

Choose Couches and Chairs Carefully

When selecting aging in place furniture, make sure that all pieces are easy to get in and out of. If the individual wants a specific chair for himself or herself, consider choosing furniture based on the individual’s size. Generally, large furniture is better for larger people while small furniture is better for smaller people. This helps the person be able to get in and out of it easily. 

Deciding on Shelving 

Another vital aspect of aging in place furniture is shelving. If a person selects a standing bookshelf, it should be secured to the wall properly. Make sure the shelf matches the height of your loved one, so they don’t have to bend over or stretch or climb. 

Choosing furniture for an aging loved one consists of more than just choosing cute pieces to enhance the appeal of his or her home. The furniture needs to serve a function Additionally, someone must consider the safety of each item in the home.